Adele’s ‘successor’ Frances not interested in a celebrity lifestyle


She has been tipped to become the next Adele — and singer Frances wants to emulate the superstar’s settled home life as well as her amazing career.

The newcomer, 23, right, was shortlisted for this year’s BRIT Critics’ Choice award and says to be compared with Adele — who won it in 2008 — was “extremely flattering”.

She added: “It’s like really a healthy pressure. It does make you work harder.”

But Frances, who grew up in Berkshire and studied at Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, is not interested in a celebrity lifestyle and is happier at home in her London flat.

She said: “I’m a real home bird. I think since I’ve started travelling a lot I love home even more. Every time I come home I just want to buy picture frames, light candles and cook a roast dinner. It’s quite sad.

“People like Adele have shown how to stay normal. And she’s done a fantastic job of keeping her private life private. She manages to have a really nice  home life and an amazing career.”

Frances performed at Glastonbury and has just finished her debut album, due out next year.