100 Real Estate Blog Topic Ideas

Our Ultimate List: 135 Real Estate Blog Post Ideas

Every time I talk to someone about real estate blogging – every single time – I hear this:

I have no idea what to blog about!”

Well, let’s put an end to that obstacle. Below are 100 ideas for blog topics. Some of these may not work for you (not all agents work rentals, for example), but most will. These are high-level topics that can be molded and adapted for your specific needs.

Things to keep in mind

You are not a lawyer or a CPA, so don’t give legal, financial or tax advice.

Don’t disparage another real estate professional. If you are a Realtor®, doing so probably violates the Realtor Code of Ethics. Whether you are a Realtor or not, doing so probably violates the Code of Common Sense.

Not every post has to be real estate-related. It’s OK to go off topic to share your personality and the non-real estate parts of your life.

Writing about your passions will make your content more enjoyable – both for you to write and for others to read.

Ready, set, write!

Here you go, 100 real estate blog topics for your content production pleasure:

  1. Share current market conditions.
  2. Describe the history of a neighborhood.
  3. Review a restaurant.
  4. Interview a small business owner.
  5. Interview a home buyer.
  6. Interview a home seller.
  7. Share your customer service philosophy.
  8. Highlight a “listing of the week.”
  9. Describe the home-buying process.
  10. Describe the home-selling process.
  11. Explain loan pre-approval.
  12. Explain the benefits of a home inspection.
  13. Explain the benefits of purchasing a home warranty.
  14. Explain title insurance.
  15. Explain escrow.
  16. Post a series explaining the major parts of the purchase contract.
  17. Take a stroll around a neighborhood. Bring a camera. Post a photo blog.
  18. Explain the benefits of an open house.
  19. Explain the drawbacks of an open house.
  20. Provide tips to improve a home’s curb appeal.
  21. Explain staging and its benefits for the homeowner.
  22. Attend a city or town council meeting and report on what happened.
  23. Attend a chamber of commerce meeting and report on what happened.
  24. Share fun things to do this weekend.
  25. Suggest day trips within 50 miles of your city.
  26. Provide moving tips.
  27. Give advice for first-time home buyers.
  28. Provide home improvement ideas.
  29. Explain home improvement rates of return.
  30. Share the benefits of living in your neighborhood or city.
  31. Provide advice for first-time home sellers.
  32. Give tips on getting a mortgage.
  33. Explain mortgage rates.
  34. Describe the types of mortgages.
  35. Talk about the pros and cons of homeowners associations.
  36. Provide tips on places to eat.
  37. Provide tips on places to visit.
  38. Provide tips on places to shop.
  39. Explain why listing photos matter.
  40. Explain the foreclosure process.
  41. Describe how to rehab a home.
  42. Share tips for real estate investors.
  43. Describe the components of a good offer.
  44. Explain contractual timelines and deadlines.
  45. Explain how much earnest money is needed.
  46. Discuss cash versus financing.
  47. Share interesting real estate links of the week.
  48. Share a neighborhood of the week.
  49. Share community yard sales.
  50. Explain how to buy a short sale.
  51. Explain selling short.
  52. Provide a real estate dictionary that defines unique real estate terms.
  53. Answer real estate FAQs (frequently asked questions).
  54. Explain how to get your home ready to show.
  55. Provide tips for moving with pets.
  56. Provide tips for moving with children.
  57. Describe a day in the life of a real estate agent.
  58. Explain credit scores.
  59. Explain credit score repair.
  60. Talk about a hobby.
  61. Share industry-related news.
  62. Go to a conference and write about what you learned.
  63. Go to a conference and write about what you wanted to learn.
  64. Review a real estate book.
  65. Share another real estate blog.
  66. Review real estate service providers – lenders, title companies or inspectors.
  67. Review non-real estate service providers – vets, doctors, CPAs or mechanics.
  68. Attend a high school football game. Write about the team, the marching band or the fans.
  69. Discuss the pros of going for sale by owner (FSBO).
  70. Discuss the cons of going FSBO.
  71. Give tips for buying a new construction home.
  72. Provide advice for buying a historic home.
  73. Give tips for buying a condo.
  74. Provide property management tips for landlords.
  75. Explain how to find a tenant.
  76. Explain how to evict a tenant.
  77. Describe what your real estate agent’s association does.
  78. Explain how your county assesses property taxes.
  79. Explain how to fight a tax assessment.
  80. Share local holiday events.
  81. Share local school events.
  82. Talk about how to avoid rental scams.
  83. Talk about how to avoid mortgage fraud.
  84. Share local crime rates.
  85. Interview the local police and fire public information officers.
  86. Interview a city councilperson.
  87. Explain how agents determine home value.
  88. Explain how appraisers determine home value.
  89. Explain how to choose a real estate agent.
  90. Tell a funny real estate story. “You’ll never believe what happened at this showing.”
  91. Talk about a time you talked someone out of selling their home.
  92. Explain your property marketing plan.
  93. Explain what your brokerage offers the consumer.
  94. Give tips for buying investment properties.
  95. Talk about working with baby boomers.
  96. Talk about working with seniors.
  97. Talk about working with Generation X or Y.
  98. Discuss renting versus buying.
  99. Explain how to search for properties on the Internet.
  100. Go completely off topic. Write about something that interests you!

Not enough ideas for you? Here are three things you can do to find even more blog topics:

  • Check your sent email folder. See those emails answering clients’ questions? Those are all potential blog topics.
  • Go to Zillow Advice, where more than 775,000 questions have been posted. Some won’t work for blog topics, but tens of thousands will.
  • Google “real estate blog topics.” There you will find several lists similar to this one.

There you have it. No more “I don’t know what to blog about” excuses. So pick a number between 1 and 100 and write some content today!