3 Big Financial Decisions Students Must Make During Senior Year

As junior year releases for the summer holiday, the new senior students find themselves with a lot of important decisions to make within a few short months. Students become overwhelmed with the idea of becoming an independent adult, yet they are also excited to experience the freedom that adulthood may bring. These big financial decisions can significantly alter the course of the students’ lives, especially if they choose to delay them.

Getting the First Summer Job

A summer job is the perfect way to save up thousands of dollars before graduating from high school. Jobs can be hard work, and they limit the social activities that students can participate in. Therefore, some students may choose not to work. However, a summer job can help to pay for the first car, college tuition, or the big senior trip the following spring.

Buying a Car

Buying a car is one of the most important financial decisions, as it will help with independence as an adult. A car is important for commuting, and is far cheaper than most taxi services if it is properly maintained. In smaller or rural towns, a car may be necessary for commuting to and from school if the student plans to remain living with his or her parents. A car may also be vital for other jobs, such as delivering pizzas or newspapers.

Saving for College

College is one of the most expensive plans a student can have. While there are a variety of financial aid options, including school vouchers Tampa Florida, students may still have to cover some of the costs; whether it’s through savings, or through taking out loans. Saving during the teen years could pay for many of the necessary textbooks through college, as well. Textbooks will cost between $50 and $250 on average, with some costing far more.

While high school students are only minors, they still have very important decisions to make and act upon in regards to their future. The earlier a student begins working on his or her future, the brighter it will be.