Are you constantly thinking about new lifestyle blog post topics to write about? Well, brainstorming can be a daunting task! I love coming up with unique blogging ideas and share them on my blog. In this post, you will find interesting lifestyle blog post ideas to write about.

As a new blogger, it takes a lot of persistence to come up with interesting blog topics every day. However, it’s a great brainstorming exercise that you can do to make your blog more interesting, unique, and meaningful.

Especially, when you have a lifestyle blog then it’s most likely your everyday struggle to find lifestyle topics.

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Rather than telling you how to come up with new blog post ideas I thought to design a list of topics for lifestyle blogs. Now, you can always go out of the box and add your own idea.

What else can you do with this list of blog post topics?

  • Give these blog post topics a new angle
  • Go deep into these blogging ideas and produce more topics
  • Pick one idea and do a round-up post
  • Go controversial

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When you’re a regular blogger, you need to come up with creative ideas to give your readers new content every week. Some ideas can be personal blog post ideas or even, lifestyle topics.

I usually plan content in advance, but I always keep an extra list of blog post ideas in my notebook.

To be honest, I have blogging ideas stored in my phone notes app, a spreadsheet and even in some apps. Well, that’s just me


I often visit these three places to find lifestyle blog post ideas in almost every niche. If you ever run short of ideas then surely, check these places and note down your ideas.

  1. Pinterest – My all-time favorite platform for tons of reasons! It gives me unique ideas, and inspiration. You can also me on Pinterest for new ideas!
  2. Instagram – I love Instagram as it connects all of us altogether. By using a simple hashtag, we can find tons of ideas! [You can also follow me on Instagram here. I often share helpful stories and do polls. Behind the scenes for my blog]
  3. Quora – Though, it is a Q/A platform where people actively participate to share their life experiences, and lessons. But, this is a pool of information, ideas, and knowledge! (Read this post to learn more about Quora)

I would also suggest to check out the posts below as they are so helpful in finding new blog post topics.

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Before I skip to share new ideas, here are interesting topics you can write from your experience in 2020.

  • Lessons I learned From 2020
  • How my lifestyle changed in 2020?
  • What big things I did last year to create a vision in 2021
  • Major goals I accomplished last year & new goals for 2021
  • Why I quit listening (Add anything crazy you did last year) to others last year, and how it’s helping me grow in 2021.
  • A quick glance at my 2020 journey
  • My travel experience, and expense last year and how I plan to go t0 _____ (travel destination) by the end of 2021.

Your readers are definitely interested in reading how your last year went, and how excited you must be for this year.