The ACE Institute for New Presidents strives to ensure new presidents find long-term success in today’s volatile and uncertain environment.

Designed for presidents within their first three years of service, the ACE Institute for New Presidents consists of two in-person meetings that are highly participatory, incorporating interactive panels with experienced presidents and other experts, mini-case studies presented by program participants, conversations with peers from a range of institutions, and briefings by national experts. Sessions are facilitated by experienced and highly successful presidents and thought leaders.

Our goal is to identify topics and issues of immediate concern to new presidents and provide the means to address them.

About the Institute

The ACE Institute for New Presidents provides new presidents with:

  • Insights and lessons about the leadership challenges faced by new presidents.
  • Knowledge and skills for dealings with high-visibility, high-exposure, and unexpected challenges and opportunities.
  • Practical advice on working effectively with the media.
  • Increased understanding of how to assess and manage campus culture and change processes.
  • Practical advice on how to form and manage a highly effective executive team.
  • An extended professional network of fellow presidents from a cross-section of institutions.
  • A low-risk setting to test ideas.


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