Add to Your Gaming Experience with Khelplay Rummy

For card-gamers, Khelplay Rummy is a perfect haven. It comes with several benefits to members. Apart from being a reliable place, it is completely free for use if you want to. The easy sign-in process, different versions of rummy and gaming formats, along with referral program, and monetary prizes are a few to mention. In the below post, we will discuss some of the interesting features and facilities of this platform. These aspects will surely give you a fair idea as to why you must choose the website for playing cards. So, here we go:

  1. Register on the Platform

Firstly, register either on the rummy app or website. The site is a secured one and has transparent policies. You can be assured to have a good time here, while logged in. The sign in process in simple. You have to provide your email address, mobile number, and password. The password has to be at least 6 characters long. There is also another way to create your account. You can also use your social profile for account creation. The place charges no fee for registration. This means you can access games without any cost.

  1. Play Practice Games

Once you enter the platform, you can choose from any format of the game. The free rummy experience comes from practice games. This asks no buy-in. So, you do not have to spend any penny to play these games. Also, you can learn a lot about the skills required for a win through practice sessions. The norms are less stringent. It gives you the taste of what the game is about. If you run out of the practice chips, no worries. You can refill it without charges at any point of time. By playing practice games frequently, you can become an expert soon.

  1. Make a Deposit

It is not mandatory to make a deposit in your gaming account. But there are several benefits of adding an amount. The deposit amount helps to pay for the buy-in to Indian Rummy cash games and tournaments. The money is always secured in your account. No one else can have a control on your deposit. You can choose to utilize an amount from the deposit as you wish. Also, on making the first deposit, you receive flat 200% bonus. The maximum bonus you earn on this is up to Rs. 1 lac. Thus, you can earn as well as enjoy cash games and tourneys by making a deposit.

  1. Welcome Others on the App

You have a referral program to benefit from as well. In online rummy, you can invite your contacts to the website or platform. You can do so either through a referral code or link. When a person joins through your referral, he/she earns points. So, do you. With these points, you and the new member can play games that require a buy-in. Thus, you can play games for cash without actually spending anything from your pockets. The points have an expiry date. So, you must ensure to use the same within the specified period.

  1. Utilize the Bonus

Other than the welcome bonus, first-deposit bonus, and that on referrals, there are many ways to gain rewards. All these amounts can be used to play card games on the platform. Every bonus comes with terms and conditions. So, you must be aware of those. For instance, certain bonuses can be used to play cash games for a specific period only. During festivals and special days, there several competitions. These give you a chance of maximizing winnings. Thus, keep an eye on the platform and know how to earn maximum number of bonuses without any hassle.

  1. Enjoy Streamlined Gaming

The Khelplay Rummy App is compatible across Android and iOS devices. So, you can download it on your smartphone, desktop, tablet, laptop, etc. It makes for a streamlined gaming. For instance, you are traveling, and wish to play cards. You can then simply take on to smartphone app and play. Also, if there is power or internet outrage at home. Then you can switch from PC to the app in no time and resume playing an ongoing game. So, you can understand how the platform is user-friendly. It focuses on gaming seriously. This is why you can play different types of rummy versions under one roof.

  1. Multi-table Fun

There is nothing wrong in wanting more in life. The same goes with gaming. For instance, if you want to play rummy online on multiple tables simultaneously, it is possible. The website gives opportunities to gamers who wish to play more than one game at a time. But a person should be able to manage both the tables proficiently. If he/she can, then this chance is nothing less than a boon. For all the enthusiastic players who can do a lot more than play one session at a time, multi-table gaming is a perfect setting.

  1. Go for Cash Games

If you want to play for rewards, the play the cash games. This is the ultimate rummy goal for those seeking internet gaming. The winner of the game earns a monetary reward. Also, the level of competition is high in such games. This is because of the stakes. And as there are stakes, usually only the expert players participate. In these games, there are no rounds. So, the one-session game gives you an experience of tackling higher challenges. The challenge we are talking about is tournament format of the game.

  1. Stay Entertained with Tournaments

A tourney is the toughest of all the rummy game formats. There are several rounds in a single tournament. You can expect 3 rounds or so. To reach the next round, you need to win the previous one. The winners from round 1 move to round 2 and henceforth. The 3rd and final round see competition between winners from the last two games. The winners of finale are then declared as the toppers of the entire tournament. At the end of each game, the winners win a handsome reward.

  1. Attractive Rewards

If you know how to play rummy like an expert, then you can try on cash games and tourneys. Both give you a chance of winning monetary rewards. There are certain norms about prize distribution. If it is a cash game, then the immediate winner gets the promised amount. The same goes directly into the player’s gaming account. If it is a tourney, then the distribution is as per the ranking of the individual in the particular round. So, a winner with rank 1 will get a higher cash prize compared to the rank 2 holder, and henceforth.

  1. Ways to Use Prize Amount

You need to check the rummy rules of the platform to understand the ways you can utilize the winnings. In a few cases, you can use the amount only to play further games on the app or website. In other cases, you have the facility to transfer the winnings to your bank account. You can also save the reward in the gaming account for buy-in. Or, you may choose to utilize the same to purchase merchandize from the partnered outlets.

To Conclude

When on Khelplay Rummy, you can get the best of card gaming. You can download the app, play 24 x 7, invite others, earn bonuses, access tournaments and cash games, win rewards, and a lot more. Moreover, the websites values privacy. It is a secured platform. You can hope for a completely excellent time. Also, there is no risk of playing here. It abides to the law of the country in concern to gaming. So, if you are looking for a safe place to play cards, then you have found the right place here.