What Are the Basic Quality Tools for Efficient Project Management?

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Project management is not that as easy as you think. Quality is the foremost important tool for managing the project effectively. In the project management, you have to follow three important quality management tools, which are as follows,

  • Plan quality management
  • Perform quality assurance
  • Control quality

The Basic Quality Tools for Efficient Project Management is as follows,

Flow Chart

We all know that it is a graphical description of the workflow steps. The symbols in the flowchart can be circles, rectangles, diamonds or any other shapes. Flowcharts are very useful when we want to make a correction for any process. Describing the entire process of work is easy with the assistance of the flowcharts.

Pareto Diagram

It is a special vertical chart separated into subcategories. It is a graph like structure. It is useful to use when we want to use cause and effect diagram.  You might have seen this kind of charts in Cricket games to showcase the performance of each team.


It is a vertical bar chart. It contains statistical distribution and dispersion. It is easy to highlight the category that contains larger frequency while comparing to other categories. We can use this tool in many applications such as defining the resources and more.

Cause and Effect Diagram

It explains the cause and effect of a fishbone. Each resource can also be divided into a number of resources until we get to the original resource of the problem. It is useful when we want to explain the subcategories that come from a single category.

Check sheets

It gets hold of items of inspections and tests. The acceptance criteria of each test must be listed on the sheet to be a guide for determining the inspected items.

Scatter Diagram

It is a diagram represented by two axes X and Y. The correlation between x and y shown is based on the rule that Y is dependent on X but X is not dependent on Y. We can do a positive correlation, negative correlation and zero correlation with this diagram.

Control Chart

We use this chart to determine whether it is a stable or unstable process. It gets hold of upper Specification Limits, Upper Control Limits, and Means which equals.

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