My boss wishes me to take an in advance train as they in no way run on time

If the trains ran to timetable, I would be at work easily on time.

twice every week we put up troubles a good way to characteristic in a drawing close pricey Jeremy advice column within the Saturday father or mother in order that readers can offer their personal recommendation and guidelines. We then print the best of your feedback alongside Jeremy’s very own insights. right here is the modern day quandary – what are your thoughts?

I work in central London however stay in Bedfordshire. My travel is about an hour every manner. As my husband and i’ve children of younger faculty age, I do the faculty run within the morning at the same time as my husband seems after the afternoon pickup. I negotiated a cope with paintings whereby I don’t start till 10:15am each day and paintings later.

but, over the past yr or so the mainline train service i exploit has emerge as so unreliable that I’m regularly late, despite leaving in plenty of time – if the trains ran to timetable i would be at paintings easily on time.

My boss, who lives just 20 mins from the office, is seemingly ignorant of the issue of the faculty run, in addition to just how terrible the teach carrier is (I don’t suppose he can accept as true with they may be quite so rubbish as they are!). He has counseled I seize an in advance teach to arrive at work on time, however this will imply i can’t take the youngsters to highschool, which i have defined to him. He remains unmoved.

My employer claims to have a own family-pleasant policy, and became good enough to agree to the scenario as it is, but I now discover myself beneath stress from a infant-loose male to sell off the children on a person else for you to capture a train 30 minutes earlier than I must have to. How can i negotiate some type of leniency while it’s the educate enterprise’s failure that is making me overdue?

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