The correct ways to ‘walk off pounds’ quickly

Bloated belly, wide waist, buffalo buttocks… time to melt off the excess, and you’ve decided to walk off all that pounds. Yes, indeed, you can walk off the pounds quickly.

You put your trainers on, leave for a walk, and wend your way to the decided distance and time in a brisk stroll. After several days of  walking in this fashion, you end up realising you have hardly lost anything, but your precious time, and of course the motivation to lose that fat.

We all want progress, but if we’re on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road’.

Now walk the seven steps to bun the fat, and without a doubt, you would be better able to walk far on the road to fitness, in minimum time.

1 Maintain a proper posture

To ensure that your muscles are being used properly, keep your body in the correct alignment. Stand tall and straight, with your chin parallel to the ground, and eyes forward looking. Suck in your tummy, tuck in your behind, relax the shoulders, and curl up your arms to ninety degree like a robot. As you walk, make sure to swing your arms, and keep your butt taut like you have to walk with delicate glasses on each butt. Make sure to walk with the weight on your

2 Warm up and take interval train

If you walk at the same pace all through, it is only going to fatigue you in vain. As you begin, start at normal pace for warming up, then increase your pace when your body gets warmed up well, because it is now in the fat burning zone, ready to burn calories. Walk crazy for a while, then again slow down for some time to prepare your body to again walk like crazy in the next interval. Continue walking like this in several intervals till you are done.

3 Do not overdo

‘Excess of everything is bad’ holds true even with walking, for after an hour or so, your body begins getting energy as fuel from your muscles than from fat. You would not want to lose that, would you? It would be wise to save that energy for burning fat the following day.

4 Breath right

Like every other workout, walking too requires you to inhale and exhale properly, so that your lungs have enough oxygen to efficiently keep you going without feeling worn out and breathless.

5 Hydrate your body well

It is super imperative to stay hydrated during your workout, for sweating leads to fluid loss in the body. You could also carry some lemon water to sip on in intervals to keep yourself hydrated enough to keep performing at optimum.

6 No walking on empty stomach

If you walk on an empty stomach, your body receives signals to take energy from muscles, which would only lead to loss of muscle mass and not fat. You need to eat something a while prior to taking a walk, to receive energy from it while you set out to burn fat. If you take a light serving of protein, it would not only skyrocket your metabolism, but also aid in tightening your muscles.

7 Stay consistent

Consistency is about commitment, and that is a prerequisite for success. It is what we do consistently that makes a difference, and not what we do once in a while.