Drink Up: Lemonade, the Original Summer Thirst Quencher

Drink Up: Lemonade, the Original Summer Thirst Quencher

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Whoever gave the optimistic proverbial phrase to the world, couldn’t be more closer to the truth as lemonades can nearly set everything right. Come summer and it’s time to load up on our favourite cooler – lemonade. Refreshing, soothing, delightful and hassle free, how we wish all good things in life were as easy to make and as amazing. Native to India, lemons have been used extensively in a variety of our dishes and drinks since time immemorial. Nimbu paani is a common drink one would find across all cultures, in each stretch and corner of the country.

Across westerns shores too the earliest written evidence of lemonade can be found in Egypt, dated around 1000 A.D. Around 700 A.D, bottles of lemon juice with sugar, known as qatarmizat were imported and consumed locally by peasants of Asia. However the biggest commercialization of the concoction came about in the year 1676, by the French-based company known as Compagnie de Limonadiers. Having been granted monopoly rights to sell lemonade, the vendors roamed the Parisian streets serving the drink in cups from tanks on their backs.

The concoction was a hit then and continues to rule our hearts till now. Macrobiotic nutritionist and health practitioner, Shilpa Arora, enumerates the multiple benefits of our much loved nimbu paani for us. “Loaded with vitamin C, lemonade is a body cleanser and has wonderful detox abilities. It keeps the body cool during the summers. The alkaline nature of the lemons protects the cells from oxidation. It also aids in weight loss, relieves constipation, helps treating acne and energizes the body and immune system. However, stay clear of store bought lemonade that’s loaded with sugar, sodium and preservatives. When it comes to food always choose God made food, over man(market) made.”


Lemonade can serve as a great detox drink; Photo Credit: Istock

How to Make Lemonade at Home

Follow these ways to spruce up your glass of lemonade, and you won’t be needing to head out to the market for you fill of chill.


1. The Fruity Punch: The fruit infused lemonade, also called the pink lemonade, is a fruity take on the conventional lemonade. Add some seasonal fruits like lychee, pineapples, strawberries, raspberries, and voila enjoy your cooler with an added goodness of seasonal delights. If you don’t want to add whole fruits, you can also puree it and add a few tablespoons of the fruit puree to your fresh lemonade.


2. Add Some Herbs: Give your glass of freshly squeezed lemonade a delicious and aromatic punch with a bunch of fresh herbs. Mint, dried lavender and basil pair perfectly with the traditional lemonade.


3. Hard Lemonade: Alcoholic varieties of lemonade are called hard lemonade, and they are a rather popular variant of lemonade across the globe. Add a splash of vodka or bourbon and be the party starter.


4. Frozen Lemonade: You can also preserve your lemonades by freezing them, and enjoy them later as sorbets.

Lemonade Recipes


Here are 5 amazing ways you can prepare your glass of lemonade.


1. Lemon Cheer
Recipe by Chef Aditya Bal


Water, sugar, lime juice and a handful of fresh mint leaves, this cheerful mix is fool proof and delightful.


You cannot go wrong with this easy and quick recipe; Photo Credit: Istock

2.Ginger Litchi Lemonade
Recipe by Vicky Ratnani


Up for some seasonal blast? This refreshing summer cooler made with lime, and season’s favourite lychee juice and gingery kick will leave energized and wanting for more.

litchi lemonade

Infuse seasonal fruits like litchi in your lemonade and enjoy the goodness

3. Radiant Lemonade
Recipe by Aditya Bal and Devanshi


Give your glass of lemonade a fruity twist with this refreshing drink loaded with goodness of carrots, apples, beetroot, and radish.


4. Lemona
Recipe by Suparna Trikha


Pamper yourself with a lemony beauty drink, bursting with goodness of lemon mint and honey.

lemon juice

Photo Credit: facebook/skin and beauty

5. Fresh Lime Soda
Recipe by Niru Gupta


Beat the heat with this chilled glass of fresh lime soda made with crushed ice, mint leaves and soda.

lime soda

Add soda to your lemonade, if you love the fizz

Thrash the heat in style and be as versatile with your chilled glass of lemonade. You can hardly go wrong here.