DU course profile: Hindi is no longer last refuge of applicants

DU admissions

Gone are the days when studying BA Honours (Hindi) was considered a compulsion for those who could not get admissions in the courses of their choice. Nowadays , BA (Hons) Hindi is a coveted course.

Those who have interest in learning language and literature should choose the course as Hindi, being a rich language, opens a lot of avenues of development.

Writing, translation, dramatics and journalism, teaching are some of the job areas in which a Hindi student can use his skills. In the final semester, it offers two optional papers or you can say specialization papers. These days, people having good command over Hindi are sought after in the fields of journalism, both print and electronic, and translation. SSC conducts separate exams for cadre of translators. In order to abide by the constitutional provisions regarding Official Language, there are a number of posts of translators, Hindi Officers, Assistant Directors(OL) and Directors (OL) in each and every government office as well as in PSUs including banking sector. In some colleges like Bhim Rao Ambedkar, Aditi and Ram Lal Anand College, Department of Hindi also offers Honours course in Hindi journalism separately.


There is a paper titled ‘History of Hindi language and its script’ which deals with the emergence and development of Hindi language and its various dialects as well as the need of script and various stages of its development which enables candidate to understand the basic concepts of Hindi and its script, Devnagri.

Papers of history of Hindi literature help the student understand the growth of Hindi literature during its development since 10th century AD. In addition to poetry, prose, drama it has two different papers on Indian and western literary school of thoughts and thinkers including Plato, Aristotle and Wordsworth.

At the end, I can say It’s a great course for all who want to be a good communicator, a teacher, Hindi Officer, a journalist and on the top, a professor.

Communication skill is said to be an important factor of success in one’s life and language is the most reliable and most effective tool of communication. This Course caters the need of developing language techniques from first semester onwards only.