Exploring new career choices

(Representational) If you think another subject may be of more interest, check out the online courses. You have just this one life, so make the most of your talents. You will find the subject and career that is right for you.

Mix and match for a great future

I am a third-year student of computer science. I love drawing and have a diploma in it. I also love computer science. Because of my family situation, I have to get a job. But sometimes I wish that I could study art and forge a career in it. What do you think is the right path for me?

First, congratulations on having two diverse and interesting abilities. While right now it may seem difficult to build a bridge between your two passions, that is not true. You do not have to choose one over the other because these days it is possible to combine different interests and design a career for yourself. Since there are immediate financial concerns, I agree that you first take up a job to ease that. Two sectors in which I would recommend you look are computer gaming and education technology. Both fields are currently growing and require experts in computer science as well as design.

Once you have even a technical job, you could learn more about the industry and explore the possibility of combining your passions. If you know programming languages such as Java and C++, some jobs may be available for you in the computer games industry. Game developers are software experts who can also be involved in the design or visual arts side of developing. A lot of Web designing start-ups or companies have teams that work on the technical and design side of things. However, clients want fresh creative ideas and illustrations to make the website visually interesting. That can create an opening for somebody who has expertise in both technical and art skills.

Animation and multimedia is another field that has several career opportunities. Learning software such as 3D Studio Max, Maya, Photoshop, Mudbox, Zbrush and Substance Painter might also help you merge your interests and skills. Knowledge of tools such as Unreal Engine, Playcanvas or other game engines can also be good. Even if you don’t know some of the sophisticated tools now, you could learn them later. It would then be possible to look for jobs that can help you combine your interests.

Lost interest

I was good in studies all through school and am now a student at a reputed engineering college. While I cleared the engineering entrance exams with flying colours, I am not enjoying college. For possibly the first time in my life, I don’t feel like going to class. I have completely lost interest in studies. My parents are very keen that I complete the engineering course but I think I already hate it too much. What should I do?

There are several things you can do. First, I suggest that you negotiate with your parents and see if you can convince them to support your decision to quit engineering. Unfortunately, most parents would insist that you complete the course. If that is the case, spend this time in college exploring other interests and finding the one thing that you want to study or do. Meanwhile, you have to ensure that you get reasonable grades so that other doors can open when the time is right. It would be really sad if you found your perfect career but could not take admission because you did not have the CGPA required.

Use the time in engineering college to explore and identify interests that might have been latent so far. Your college might have a science or technology club you may like to join. You could also explore becoming a member of AIESEC or Rotaract, which will bring you into contact with different people and help grow your network. However, do not throw yourself so wholeheartedly into extra -curricular activities that you do not study enough to pass the course. That is something you have to do.

If you think another subject may be of more interest, check out the online courses. You have just this one life, so make the most of your talents. You will find the subject and career that is right for you.

source: telegraphindia