Express recipes: Indulge in mango madness with this ice cream

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It’s the season of mangoes and it’s the season of ice creams. The combination of two favourites of the season is just awesome. A recipe that lets you enjoy mango at its best.

Mango Mania

Serves 6

2 ripe mangoes
250 gm fresh cream
5 tbsp powdered sugar
a few drops yellow colour
1 tsp gelatin

* Blend mangoes to a puree in a mixer to get about 2 cups puree.

* Soak gelatin in 1 tbsp water.

* Cook on low heat till it dissolves.

* Add gelatine to mango puree and mix well.

* Whip chilled cream with powdered sugar till thick.

* Add mango puree and mix well. Add colour if required. Check sugar.

* Transfer to an ice cream box. Cover with a plastic sheet (cling wrap) and then with the lid. Freeze overnight or till firm.