How BBA in Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure is a great career choice for millennials

Doing BBA would help an individual to a great extent who aspires to do MBA

Doing BBA would help an individual to a great extent who aspires to do MBA

In today’s cut-throat world where everybody aspires to become an entrepreneur, a course like BBA aids you to think more precisely on different aspects of running a business. It acts as a stepping stone for an individual to have great command over management expertise’ and entrepreneurship skills. Although in today’s scenario where the nature of business is so volatile and every inch of it is filled with such great competitiveness that it requires an individual to have specialised knowledge in its field of operations. Hence, it is essential that an individual starts developing comprehensive domain knowledge early on in his/her academic life.

This is the reason that in the present scenario, many colleges and institutions in India have realised the need of the hour and have started to turn their focus from just academic studies to making the youngsters industry-ready, productive, efficient and employable (even self-employable) when they start their career and step their foot in the market. Owing to this, there has been a restructuring of BBA programmes in the country with core subjects and specialized electives that are industry-specific.

What does BBA stand for?

Before diving into one such emerging fields of BBA lets know what BBA basically stands for Bachelor of Business Administration. It is a three-year general management education course. Students who have passed 12th standard (from any stream- science, commerce or arts) are eligible to pursue this professional course having interest in management or administration courses.

It covers field like HR, Marketing, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Banking and Insurance among others. Doing BBA would help an individual to a great extent who aspires to do MBA. Many institutes are known to offer BBA ‘specialization’ course. These courses are designed in such a way that apart from covering basic management subjects, it focuses exclusively on a particular discipline.

Specialised course of BBA in Real Estate & Urban Infrastructure (REUI):

Reports suggest that almost 70 to 80 percent of the global wealth is invested in real estate. By 2030 the real estate sector in India is expected to reach US$ 1 trillion and by 2025, it will contribute 13 per cent to the country’s GDP.

But even after such huge growth rates and proposed progress targets the industry faces an almost 80 percent shortage of trained skilled personnel’s, all these logs to the fact of government realising the humongous potential that RE&UI sector has thereby urging, the academic institutions of the country for the same to help the nation overcome the shortage and boosting the economy.

BBA in REUI provides students with a great understanding of the services that are required in terms of activities like land ownership, surveying, construction etc. Students will also be able to familiarize oneself with how to study, explore, research, interpret the current market situations and investment in a real estate and its related activities. Once completed, one can gain an empirical knowledge of the sales, management, and support system that is required to have a flourishing real estate business.

Benefits of doing it from a reputable institution:

Doing a course from a reputable institution looks after to the need of a professional with training in management, operation and financing for various real estate and infrastructure needs. It also helps in gaining knowledge on how to influence and work on public policies as well as regulatory norms.

BBA in REUI helps in providing specialised skill training that is very much essential in this sector. With N number of initiatives, projects it means to make the individual ready to work in an industry that is integrated with the world, highly-impactful, professional, technologically advanced & dynamic in nature.

Just by taking a look at how much the industry has developed and improved over the past decades signifies/justifies the importance of the above statement. Real estate agents and developers have gone from simple and basic apartment complexes to several world-class level luxury projects all across the nation.

Government plans:

With the government planning to work on schemes, projects like ‘providing 5.2 Crore houses to the public by the end of 2022’, ‘shaping 100 smart cities’. Due to this not just the big players of real estate development market but also the budding ones private as well as public will keep launching various projects that will help grow the economy and expand the real estate market for years to come.