If you don’t choose a career in sales now, you’ll miss out big time. Here are 5 reasons why

If you don’t choose a career in sales now, you’ll miss out big time. Here are 5 reasons why

“If the business you are in requires you to deal with people, you, my friend, are in sales.” – Zig Ziglar

By the time you graduate, you have already learnt some sales skills. You may not have realised this yet, but this skill was developed when you were communicating your point of view in class or giving a presentation to others. Regardless of your job or your day-to-day activity, there is undoubtedly some degree of selling involved for each and everyone.

In businesses, buyers take the help of sales professionals to find solutions to problems, they didn’t even think existed! Now in a developing country like India, where the domestic GDP growth rate is almost double the global GDP growth rate, people are spending more and more. This increased spending leads to increased demand for goods and services. With a multitude of products available across sectors, the consumers are now spoilt for choice. In such a scenario, companies have no choice but to lean on sales professionals to promote their products, gain buyer’s trust and thereby win market share.

While, this is how companies benefit from their Sales professionals, let’s look at why many professionals are choosing a career in Sales:

1. Sales professionals are in demand: Be it Salea of regular daily goods, healthcare, IT or Banking and Finance, sales roles are always in demand. The nature of a sales job allows you to acquire skills that are relevant across various industries and even countries. Thus, there is a high probability of you getting and doing a sales job anywhere in the world, for any company of your choice.

2. Personal development opportunities: A sales profile helps cultivate interpersonal skills. During your experience as a sales professional, you will learn the art of persuading customers and help meet their demands. The opportunity to interact with different individuals helps build your confidence and your personal brand.

3. Continuously evolving and flexible role: As a fresh graduate, you may start with a profile that involves understanding the company’s products and services portfolio. This will evolve into acquiring new customers for the company, increasing sales revenue by using direct and indirect marketing methodologies and eventually managing other sales professionals like you.

4. Accelerated growth: Sales is a fast-growing career because it exposes you to every aspect of the business with easy promotions as well. Many leading CEOs and Presidents have started with a career in sales, as sales is the foundation of all business.

Check out this video which shows the career trajectory of a Vice President who started as a Sales Representative.

(Career Growth Story at HDFC Life: From Frontline Sales to Vice President in Life Insurance- Amar Sane)

5. Stable finances: Sales professionals are typically offered a fixed package with variable incentives. Such incentives may be commissions or bonuses, with commissions being driven by the revenue the individual brings, company’s performance and general industry outlook. In fact, there are times when one can earn up to two times their salary using incentives.

To sum it up

A sales job allows immense visibility and growth. However, starting a career in sales without any training can be difficult. As a fresh graduate, you can explore sales training programs, such as the PG Program in Life Insurance by upGrad in association with HDFC Life, which will help you obtain industry-relevant knowledge. The course offers 2 months of online training, and a total of 9 months internship in sales with HDFC Life, one of India’s biggest brands, and finally a guaranteed job with HDFC Life, once you successfully complete the program.

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