Johnny’s $2.6 million a month lifestyle

Forbes has crowned him the world’s most overpaid actor for the last two years running, and it seems Johnny Depp is using the cash to fund a very lavish lifestyle.

According to a counter lawsuit filed by his former management company, the Alice Through the Looking Glass star forks out hundreds of thousands of dollars a month on travel and wine alone.

The actor allegedly spends $2.6 million a month! Photo: Getty Images

“Depp lived an ultra-extravagant lifestyle that often knowingly cost Depp in excess of $2 million (AU$2.6 million) per month to maintain,” The Management Group’s (TMG) attorney writes in a countersuit published by Hollywood Reporter.

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It goes on to claim that Depp spends AU$40k a month on wine on top of the AU$400k he needs to keep 40-full time staff members employed across the globe.

An additional AU$265k goes towards private flights as he reportedly refuses “to fly by any other means”.

An eye-watering $265k gets spent on private jets. Photo: Getty Images

But these regular payments are just the tip of the iceberg, and the suit alleges that over the past 17 years, Depp has thrown AU$99 million into buying and renovating 14 residences. These include a Kentucky horse farm, a chateau in the south of France and a couple of islands in the Bahamas.

Another AU$24 million was sunk on a luxury 150ft yacht.

Johnny owned this 150ft yacht which now belongs to JK Rowling. Photo: Getty Images

Depp is being counter-sued by TMG after he launched court action against them claiming that his funds had been grossly mismanaged.

In return, TMG claim that it was the actor’s exorbitant spending that has landed him in his current financial situation.

He reportedly flies in wine from around the world. Photo: Getty Images