Leaks shows Apple may ditch its 16GB handset

FOR iPhone users who didn’t spend the extra cash to get a handset with more storage, the 16GB capacity of the entry level phone can prove to be a real nightmare.

Sometimes it feels like after a few videos, a few photos, a few apps and a few podcasts there’s no space left for anything else. It also didn’t help that for a long time Apple refused to allow users to delete custom apps.


Danielson @D___Hendrix

The struggle of having a 16GB iPhone is real, you gotta delete pictures, apps, etc.. Every other day




️️gabi @jadesalbum

i can’t believe i bought an iPhone with only 16gb what was i thinking




David Alexander @DavidADC

Never forget that the 16gb iPhone is the cruelest of jokes that Apple has played on us, the public.

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But from the looks of things, Apple might have heeded the call from annoyed customers and abandoned the smaller capacity device.

A number of reports indicate that Apple has decided to abandon the 16GB handset for the upcoming iPhone 7 range and begin storage levels at 32GB.

Chinese shopping site Weibo has posted prices for three iPhone 7 models, with storage tiers starting at 32GB, reported CNET.

It’s very likely that the Apple’s iOS software would outgrow 16 gigabytes, so it was probably inevitable that the tech giant would stop producing phones with such small storage capacity.

According to ZDNet, it’s rumoured Apple will also shelve its 64GB option, instead offering a 128GB device and a 256GB device.

A lack of storage has been a gripe of some Apple customers so it makes sense they would look to address it.

It also makes sense the company would add a 256GB option for the higher-end model considering Apple is buying high-capacity flash for the iPad Pro.

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