How do I manipulate the pressure of being director of a charity i love?

Workplace stress

two times per week we put up troubles with the intention to feature in a impending expensive Jeremy advice column in the Saturday mother or father so that readers can offer their personal advice and guidelines. We then print the nice of your feedback along Jeremy’s personal insights. right here is the modern day quandary – what are your thoughts?

I work for a small charity doing a activity i like for a motive i am passionate about. I experience that is my vocation and until currently it become one I felt I excelled at.

around 4 months ago I were given a promotion to director, but when you consider that then i’ve been suffering to cope. The role has a long way more duty than i’ve ever had, and as the charity is so small i’ve needed to tackle coping with the whole team – which incorporates all of the HR, recruitment, budgeting and many others. i’m locating it exceptionally worrying and continuously experience i’m doing a bad process.

I also have a totally annoying boss who piles on the strain. I paintings past due every night and frequently paintings weekends as nicely simply to trap up. i’ve attempted to talk to my boss approximately it, but he simply says I want to discover ways to delegate and cope with the pressure, which to an volume I do agree with, however I don’t actually realize how to do these things.

I don’t want to ought to leave because I care approximately what I do so a whole lot and surely believe in the reason, but it manner i’m able to’t actually have a life outside of work. need to I search for some thing else or just try to make the excellent of the scenario and spot it as true revel in?

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