Nestle India new initiative ‘One for girl child’ to support education for girls

 nestle india new initiative one for girl child to support education for girls

New Delhi, September 26: Nestle India, one of the major FMCG companies, has introduced special packaging with new taglines for its leading brands – Maggi, Nescafe and Kitkat with the purpose of promoting girl education in the country in collaboration with NGO Nanhi Kali.

It was revealed in an official statement released by the company that packaging of 100 million packs available on shelves will be changed by the end of September with the sole purpose of spreading awareness on girl education.

The tagline of Maggi, “2-minute noodles” is changed to “2 minutes for education”. The coffee brand Nescafe has changed its tagline, “It all starts with a Nescafe” to “It all starts with education”.

Kitkat has changed its visual as well as its tagline in support of the initiative. The tagline “Have a break, Have a KitKat’ along with visual of the finger snap is now changed to “No break from education” with an unbroken KitKat bar in the visual.

The packages will also picture a blue band carrying more information on the association with URL of Nanhi Kali.

Image Courtesy- Financial Express

Nanhi Kali, jointly managed by K. C. Mahindra Education Trust and Naandi Foundation is one of the largest community programs imparting education to underprivileged girl children across India. The duo of the NGO and Nestle have earlier also shot a social advertisement supporting girl education.“Each time a consumer picks a pack off the shelf, the visual properties of the brand serve as symbols of the promise the brand has made to the consumers. These are invaluable assets, protected, cherished and treasured by organisations. We are changing the packaging of three of our most iconic brands to sensitise and draw attention to the crucial need for society and citizens to embrace our collective responsibility in ensuring girls are allowed, given access to and nurtured with the power of education,” Nestle India CMD Suresh Narayanan was quoted by Indian Express.

[Source:-India Samvad]