‘No ice n******’: Diners slam restaurant after spotting racist word on their bill

A RESTAURANT has been branded “appalling” after customers noticed a racial slur on their food and drink bill.

When a group of women were dining in The Happenstance restaurant in London, which overlooks St Paul’s Cathedral, they stumbled across something shocking on their receipt.

A furious man took to Twitter on behalf of his pal to share a snap of the bill, which featured the phrase “no ice n******”.

Jehan, from London, uploaded the image alongside the caption: “A friend just received this bill from the white staff at london’s @happpenstancebar (@drakeandmorgan).”

After the diner reported the racist language to the staff members, she claimed that they denied knowing how it had got there.

Her friend explained: “She was the sole black girl among a group of white girls, in a white bar.

“The staff’s response: ‘we don’t know how that got there’ sure.”

Since the social media campaign was launched against the company that owns the restaurant, Drake & Morgan, Twitter users have responded with fury.

An angry commenter remarked it was “appalling”, “disgraceful” and “messed up”.

Another asked “what kind of sick, racist establishment is this?”

A spokesman for Drake & Morgan: “We are appalled by the unacceptable behaviour of one of our waiting staff. He has been suspended from duty pending a full disciplinary (meeting).

“We have contacted two members of the group that were at The Happenstance yesterday afternoon and have apologised unequivocally.

“Drake & Morgan as a business do not discriminate on the grounds of race, age, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, disability or colour.

“The principles of non-discrimination and equality of opportunity also apply to the way in which staff treat customers as well as colleagues.

“We cannot apologise enough and are saddened that one person’s irresponsible behaviour could risk damaging our reputation.”


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