Open MRI’s Offer Many Benefits Over Traditional MRI’s

MRI’s have long been stressful encounters for patients who required an extensive look into their body. This is old technology though that has been widely replaced by the open MRI scanner. Intentionally designed to be less confining and restrictive than traditional MRI’s, patients are generally far happier with these imaging procedures.

The Benefits to Open MRI’s Are Many

These machines offer a great deal more room around the patients. This is how the Open MRI machines can deliver a superior imaging result for larger body types. The body weight capacity is such that they can effectively scan fuller patients with complete ease and great accuracy. They are superior as they help patients who suffer from claustrophobia to be able to get an accurate image taken. Furthermore, they are excellent options for the numbers of patients who require greater supervision in the imaging procedures.

The Procedure of an Open MRI

You begin by lying down on a table which is cushioned. This table simply and effortlessly slides into the open MRI imaging machine. Here you are able to speak and be heard thanks to the higher quality sound system that ensures you are at all times connected to the MRI technician during the entire experience. While there are a variety of these Open MRI imaging machines on the market today, among the most popular and high quality ones is the Hitachi Airis Elite.

Getting A Doctor’s Referral for an Open Imaging MRI

Doctor’s referrals are definitely required to obtain this superior MRI imaging experience. Physicians recognize the inherent superiority of such a system and are happy to work with facilities that provide them. Referring patients for this open MRI is really providing better care to them.

These facilities usually take pride in delivering a highly responsive imaging experience and in providing rapid reporting of the results to the doctors who referred the patient in the first place. These are commonly turned over in under 24 hours. In critical and life-threatening scenarios, the results and images alike can be released to the referring hospital or physician in only a single hour.