Opt For The Finest Data Recovery Experience With EaseUS Data Recovery Software

EaseUS data recovery software is one of the finest data recovery software available today. It is made keeping user’s convenience in mind, and comprises of an interactive interface, which goes in hand with the easy to use tools that the software offers.

The software allows for the person to recover their important files and folders. The software has been highly acclaimed by a number of tech reviews for it simplified tools as well as simplified tools.

Files to Recover

EaseUS recovery software allows for the user to recover all sorts of files, including email, documents, music, video, compressed etc. The user also has the ability to recover files, which had been accidentally deleted, or are inaccessible due to certain situations, like virus attacks, system crash, lost partition, hard drive crash, malware, formatted disk, hard drive corruption, crashed disks etc.

The software features a simplified interface, which can be utilized by anyone. It offers flexible as well as productive tools in order to maximize functionality. The interface goes easy on the eyes, and everything is rightly place on the screen. Most of the scanning process is automatic, to keep the recovery experience as simplistic as possible.

The data recovery software is able to recover the lost files, using data remnants. These remnants are left behind when a file is deleted. The software finds these, and recompiles these to recover the original files. To perform this process, the software makes use of two scan modes, which are as follows:

  • Quick Scan Mode

The quick scan mode is a reliable mode, which puts more focus on bringing forth fast results. It scans all the memory to find all the files, which had been accidentally deleted in the recent past, or were simply emptied from the recycle bin. The scan mode completes within a few minutes and is fast in nature.

  • Deep Scan Mode

The deep scan mode is a more advanced mode, and is automatically initiated once the deep scan mode ends. The scan mode takes a longer time to finish as it searches for additional remnants, while also scanning inaccessible, hidden and system files.

Once both the scanning modes ends, the results from both of them are displayed on the screen. As this screen opens, the user has multiple options to choose from.

The user can select multiple files at once and recover them with one click. The files can be filtered according to file types, or the user can simply search for their desired file with its name. Other than this, the user also gets the option to import or export results in case they need to view the results again or wish to recover another file in future.

A preview feature is also packed inside the software, which allows the person to view the contents of the file. This is particularly useful when you are not sure about the file name, and wish to recover it purely based on its content.