Oriflame to focus on wellness, position as healthy lifestyle brand: CEO Magnus Brannstrom

Oriflame to focus on wellness, position as healthy lifestyle brand: CEO Magnus Brannstrom

Swedish direct selling company Oriflame, known for its skincare and wellness products, has been focusing on expanding its portfolio to wellness for the last few years. Now, moving on, it wants to position itself as a healthy lifestyle brand and focus on routine products that people use for their well-being, says its CEO and President Magnus Brannstrom. “We will expand in weight management, sports and fitness and subsequently there will be products like meal replacements, higher protein products for enhanced performance in sports and fitness,” says Brannstrom. Alongside this, he said, they will continue expanding their existing skincare and wellness portfolio but refused to share the details of the new launches.

Brannstrom said the fundamentals remain the same – the importance of treating skin every day. He said, “We launch new products every month but usually concentrate on major launches in the fall and the spring.”

The difference, he said, is that this time “is it is highly likely that you to see more customised products suited for India since the need for products for the oily skin is an increasing focus here.”

While companies prefer to have similar products because of the benefit it brings in terms of price and performance, in skin, the companies need more variety. “In northern hemisphere, people want to be tanned, and in the southern hemisphere they want to be fair. Also, there are different skin needs in different parts of the world in terms of skin elasticity, colour segment and different colour preferences and with climate change this might change drastically.” Currently, from their 1,000 cosmetic products, approximately 750 are global, and there are 250 products that are regional, specifically for the one part of the world. He said they are also launching a skincare application where consumers can get their skin assessed from the mobile app. This will essentially enable their consultants to give expert advice to consumers. The users will have to put their skin in front of the phone’s camera and the app will analyse and help them determine the type of skincare routine and products they should use. “This will help consultants who are not skincare experts make them look professional. It will also help consumers get the right information.”

The firm recently delisted from Nasdaq Stockholm. It was followed the buyback of the firm by Oriflame’s founding families valued at nearly $950 million. The firm says its future sales growth will be from Mexico, Russia, Turkey, India, China and Indonesia. Oriflame currently has 30 lakh consultants in 60 countries.