Over 70 Blog Post Ideas For Lifestyle Blogs That Readers Will Enjoy Reading

70 Blog Post Ideas for Lifestyle blogs

So you’ve just launched your new lifestyle blog and have a few posts up! Congratulations! But now you’re stuck for fresh blog topics… It happens to all of us. So I’ve come up with more than 70 blog post ideas for lifestyle blogs that can keep you creating fresh new content, week after week.

These are lifestyle blog post topics that are fairly popular on Pinterest and you can easily adapt to make them your own in terms of your perspective or a relevant anecdote.

They’re also great topics for questions that your readers may have, that you can help answer.

70 Blog Post Topics For Lifestyle Blogs

Learning To Find Interesting Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

I remember when I started blogging that I found it hard to keep the momentum going with weekly blog posts.

Back in 2010, my Suburban Tourist blog was primarily a hiking and travel blog. Since I sometimes didn’t have time to do either, I lacked inspiration and content to blog about.

What I should have been doing is going outside of my limited scope and coming up with relevant posts that could fall under the hiking or travel categories.

But you learn from your mistakes, or you get wisdom from those who’ve already made them!

The key thing I do now before I write anything is to ask myself.

If a topic passes that litmus test, then you’re ready to start writing away!

Blog Post Ideas For Lifestyle Blogs

It’s hard to keep your creative juices flowing when you’ve got a million things to do with your new blog.

There’s always something new to add or do. Brainstorming fresh blog post ideas for lifestyle blogs requires a bit of time that you just don’t have.

It’s also easier to brainstorm fresh lifestyle blog post ideas based on your existing content. But if you don’t have much of that, then you have to look outside your own blog.

And when “Blogger’s Block” hits, it’s hard to get going again. I’m referring to that moment when you just lose all motivation and inspiration to write anything.

Lifestyle blog post ideas

Nothing seems to be working and you have no interest in writing on a topic.

Even veteran bloggers like myself find themselves in a blogging rut with no motivation or interesting topics to write about.

So I’ve done the heavy lifting for you and come up with this list of the best blog post topics for lifestyle blogs to help you continue blogging.

If you’d like to learn how to always come up with fresh blog post ideas for a lifestyle blog that your readers will love, I offer coaching on content creation.

70+ General Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

These are general lifestyle blog topics that can be found in any lifestyle-focused blog. No special niche is required!

  1. A Sunday night routine for a great start to the week
  2. Your top productivity tips
  3. Top 10 ways you save money
  4. Home decor tips for (enter season)
  5. Top ways you deal with stress
  6. Your favourite self-care activities
  7. Cool DIY gift you can make for under $20
  8. Your tips for growing an Instagram account
  9. Your favourite blogging tips for other new bloggers
  10. A review of a new product you purchased (e.g. new mascara, or skincare product)
  11. The top then things to do in your city or regional area
  12. How you stay organized
  13. A round-up of life hacks
  14. How to squeeze in self-care activities during a busy week
  15. Technical tips you’ve learned as a new blogger
  16. Ten things you’d tell your 20-year old self
  17. A round-up of your favourite comfort foods (partner up with other bloggers on this who may have recipe posts you can link to in this post)
  18. Favourite quotes on a topic (e.g. inspirational quotes, travel quotes, parenting quotes…)
  19. Five favourite accessories in your closet the best way you use them
  20. An easy home renovation activity that anybody can do
  21. Five basic wardrobe items that every woman should have in her closet
  22. Date night ideas
  23. Frugal date ideas
  24. How to make a great first impression
  25. Ten awesome hostess gifts
  26. Five things you need to know how to fix (e.g. change car tire etc.)
  27. A book review
  28. Laundry tips for beginners
  29. Your very own list of blog post topics for lifestyle blogs!
  30. A list of the best museums in your area to visit on a rainy day
  31. Interview a veteran blogger
  32. Share a list of the best dance songs for parties
  33. Your workout routine: how you stay fit
  34. Time-saving tips for weekly activities
  35. Your top motivational quotes
  36. Five ways to live a healthy lifestyle
  37. How to let go of negative thoughts and feelings
  38. Your top 10 money-saving tips
  39. 10 fun activities to do in X season (whatever season is the closest coming up)
  40. Packing tips for a trip to XYZ destination
  41. Top things to see in XYZ as a tourist
  42. How to throw a cocktail party at home the easy way
  43. Five ways to reduce stress in your life
  44. Housewarming gift ideas
  45. How to set you your very own coffee station at home
  46. Five ways to keep yourself warm on the coldest days
  47. Interesting ways to store keepsakes and momentoes
  48. A list of ways you fight boredom that don’t involve technology
  49. Kitchen essentials you can’t live without
  50. How you practice the hygge lifestyle
  51. Ways to get a better sleep
  52. How to start Monday morning the right way
  53. Best tips for a great start to the day
  54. Lessons moms teach that are invaluable
  55. Traits of a really good friend
  56. How to make a memory box or a time capsule

Beauty & Skincare Blog Post Ideas

Specifically for fashionistas! A brief but smart list of fashion blog post ideas to get you started.

  1. Your morning skincare routine
  2. Your evening skincare routine
  3. The best mascara on the market: do a product review
  4. Hottest shades of lipstick you’re wearing this season
  5. The five-minute make-up routine for busy women/moms
  6. How to apply skincare products
  7. Five ways to take care of your skin during X season
  8. Product review of a new skincare product
  9. A round-up of cool new products for hair/skin/make-up
  10. Face masks you can make at home with natural ingredients
  11. How to take care of your skin in Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
  12. Tips on what to do when you get a sunburn

Food & Drink Blog Post Ideas

Some of the most popular blog post ideas for lifestyle blogs are your favourite recipes and food tips! Share these with the world.

  1. Your favourite easy and quick-to-prepare snack: share your recipe
  2. How to make a “XYZ” drink (e.g. choose a timely, classic or popular cocktail, or a mocktail)
  3. The best mac ‘n cheese combinations
  4. Your ultimate sandwich recipe
  5. Tips for healthy lunches that don’t need to be heated up
  6. Bento box ideas
  7. Five comfort food recipes everybody should know how to make by age 25
  8. Your ultimate smoothie recipe
  9. Appetizer recipes that wow your guests
  10. Your favourite make-ahead batch meal you make Sunday night for easy meals throughout the week
  11. Five yummy variations on an easy spaghetti dish
  12. Salad dressings that taste awesome
  13. Easy lunches with five ingredients

Wellness And Personal Development Blog Post Ideas

A few more lifestyle blog post ideas on general wellness and personal development.

  1. How to become more disciplined and reach your goals
  2. How to live life more simply
  3. How to stay motivated, even when things get difficult
  4. Tips for a less stressful life
  5. How to get past self-doubt
  6. Personal growth tips and goals
  7. How to build healthy relationships with others
  8. How to deal with conflict in your family
  9. Tips on how to get out of feeling depressed
  10. Things to focus on in your life for more happiness

Coming Up With More Ideas

Another great way to come up with a list of the best blog post topics for your lifestyle blog is to type in a category into Pinterest: e.g., beauty or parenting and see what kind of topics pop up first.

For example under beauty, you see several topics on how to remove unwanted hair or apply eye makeup to make your eyes seem larger etc. These are topics you should consider writing about.

Just remember to:

  • Do your research if it’s a topic you aren’t so knowledgeable about. Ensure that what you’re sharing is accurate and informative.
  • Provide as much information in an easily readable blog post that readers LOVE to read: remember to interlink with any other existing posts you have and add a few good outbound links for reference.
  • SEO the post and the Pinterest pin so that you get traffic to your blog post. Make sure your images have the alt-title filled out with relevant keywords.
  • Infuse the blog post with your own voice! Share your story.

There are many great blog posts out there from veteran bloggers with the best blog post topics. One that you may want to check out is Jeff Bullas’ tips on how to brainstorm blog post ideas.

Writing isn’t easy! While you may be focused on writing amazing blog posts, have you paid attention to your About Me page? It’s where your readers can learn more about your blog and you.