Picture Perfect Location in Kolkata for Pre-Wedding Shoots

Pre-wedding photo shoots are sure super special and fun. But finding the right place for those perfect pictures is the tricky task. However, there are some beautiful cities in India that you can check out for locations apt for your special shoot. Kolkata is one of them! It has a variety of spots spread over the city making it a definite visit for beautiful pictures! And, to go easy on your wedding budget, you can also look for lowest flight fare from Delhi to Kolkata.

Head over to the city of Kolkata for your pre-wedding shoot, and be sure to stop by all of the places mentioned below for those gorgeous snaps!

Howrah Bridge

Howrah Bridge, the bridge built over the Hooghly River in West Bengal, is one of the famous icons of Kolkata. Listed as the sixth longest bridge of its kind in the world, the Howrah Bridge stands beautifully overlooking the river. With this charming bridge and its surroundings in the background, your camera is sure to do a great job for your pictures! The view of the bridge at night time is also a gorgeous sight not to miss. So, stop by this popular place of Kolkata and get some wonderful photos clicked!

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Notable for its alluring Gothic Architecture, St. Paul’s Cathedral of Kolkata is another ideal spot to add to your list! Built back in 1847, this structure stood strong and striking up until an earthquake followed by another massive earthquake later ended up destroying the building partially, and it had to be redesigned and rebuilt. It now stands as a beautiful blend of Indo-Gothic architecture, still very charming and captivating. This church, again, would make an amazing backdrop for some beautiful snaps to add to your pre-wedding photograph collection. A picture of this splendor below is sure to pull you in to fly to the city and click your special pictures now!


Built back in 1841 during the British Rule, PrinsepGhat is a beautiful and serene sight on the Kolkata bank of the Hooghly River. One of the oldest places in Kolkata, the entirety of this Ghat is a delightful view in the evenings too good to miss! The river and the calm and beautiful surroundings of the PrinsepGhat sure make it a perfect spot for pictures. Boat rides on the river for the visitors is also a delightful attraction here, and you can certainly play around with your camera and skills and work around in this gorgeous place and get some creative pictures clicked for your shoot!

Rabindra Sarobar Lake

Rabindra Sarobar Lake, an artificial lake in South Kolkata is another one of the popular recreations of the city. With the tank and its beautiful surroundings, this place can prove to be close to nature spot for some of your photographs. So, do stop by the Rabindra Sarobar Lake to check out the eye-catching surroundings and to click a bunch of pictures for your pre-wedding shoot here!

Kolkata certainly is a pleasant and delightful place for playing one’s creativity around with a camera. The city has so much to offer if only you can see the apt places for your shoot’s captivating background. This list that we have compiled for you, however, is compact with some major attractions that make up best of backgrounds for your important photo shoot, but you sure can spot many other places on your way, add them to your list and get some impromptu pictures clicked! Now that planning a trip and travelling has gotten so much more comfortable and easier through online portals like Yatra, go ahead and look for lowest flight fare from Delhi to Kolkata,get your bookings done and get ready to fly your way to Kolkata for your memorable pre-wedding shoot and enjoy every bit of it!