Possible Career Choices for Rummy Lovers

Rummy is a card game that is well loved in India. Many people in India enjoy the game thoroughly. Many times, their love for the game goes to the level of obsession. In such situations, it is best to pursue this love for the game as a passion or a career option. You may really be surprised at the multitude of career options available for rummy lovers. Here we have listed a couple of the best career options for rummy lovers:

Online Graphic Card Designing         

The popularity of the internet has also brought new changes in rummy game. Many of the modern card players like to have their deck customised to meet their personal choices and needs. As an avid rummy player, you can graphically design playing cards for rummy card game that are innovative and matching the modern tastes. This is a great way to give a push to your artistic fervour. You can come up with innovative designs for the King, Queen, Knight and even the Joker. If you have always imagined how your cards should look, this is the chance to put your imagination to reality.

Rummy Blogging

Here is yet another interesting profession that all Indian Rummy fans are going to enjoy thoroughly. Rummy blogging involves writing articles about the ultimate rummy games and pass your knowledge to the readers. You may also share blogs on the different tactics of the game that maybe used to beat the opponent.

Apart from this, you may also share information regarding the latest rummy events in the vicinity. You may tell your readers how to play rummy online and how to find the right apps like KhelplayRummy to play the game.

Marketing for Rummy Events

Many modern websites launch online as well as offline rummy events. There are also many authorised clubs in different parts of the city that launch rummy tournaments. You may seek a job in any of these organisations. They are always looking for rummy fans who may assist them with their unique marketing strategies. Since you already have sufficient knowledge regarding the game, you can always clear the doubts of people who enquire. This makes you a probable candidate for a marketing position in these firms.

Programming for Rummy Software

As already stated, there are many websites and apps that cater to rummy players. If you have knowledge in programming, you may simply join any of these websites or apps to develop their software for rummy players. As you are a player of the classic rummy game, you will be able to programme rummy software in a user-friendly manner. You will know best what the rummy players expect from their rummy app making it easier to cater to their specific needs.

Designing Rummy Accessories

You may also look for job opportunities in stores that design or craft rummy accessories. We already know there are many innovative rummy accessories available in the market such as wood card holders, automatic card shufflers for different number of decks and trump picker.

This is just the beginning. True rummy fans will always appreciate any innovative idea for accessories such as playing card cushions, playing card coasters, playing card lamps and playing card wall decals. You may even design some accessories to go with your outfit such as playing card cufflinks, playing card earrings, playing card necklaces and playing card watches. Working with such firms will help you come up with unique ideas that players of today are bound to appreciate. As a rummy fan, you will also enjoy working for such a firm where your rummy love is respected and kept alive.