After the recent online Oxford Dictionary’s update, we bring to you some words to brush up your vocab

Check out 15 new words to add to your vocabulary

Does admiring your latte art serve as a welcome distraction from the trilemma of deciding whether to tidy, wash, or ignore the floordrobe cluttering up your bedroom? Well, if this sentence leaves you baffled, don’t worry. You can look them up in the online Oxford Dictionary as the latest update gives you the chance to do fancy additions to your vocabulary.

Oxford Dictionaries recently announced the latest update to its free online dictionary of English at Words like Quiddich, a fantasy sport played in J K Rowling’s magical Harry Potter frachise, along with words like ‘cli-fi’ and ‘showmance’ are among over 40 new additions in the latest update of the Oxford Dictionary. Another new addition is Latte art meaning illustrations made by carefully pouring steamed milk onto the drink’s surface.