Season’s top beauty trends

Bold eyeliner (Getty Images)                                                                 Bold eyeliner (Getty Images)
Bolts of blue
While the previous year saw coral, pink and orange ruling the fashion charts, blue marks its debut this year, not just as an eye makeup, but also as lipstains and hair colours. So, whether it is a slash of electric blue across your lash line or Cerulean blue on your nails – this hue will see a number of takers in the runways this year. It’s a trend that can either be subtle or OTT.

Oversized jewelled eye shadow
It’s complicated, however, it’s much better than your average eye shadow. Meghna Butani, beauty and makeup professional says, “In the previous years, we have seen jewelled makeup take new heights – in the form of jewelled lips and jewelled eye liner. However, this year, several makeup artists in the country are planning to introduce the trend in the Indian fashion shows. One of the biggest highlights will be the jewelled eye shadow where miniature gemstones and other jewellery forms will be used on the eyes.”

Sun-kissed skin
Gone are the days when makeup artists would use foundations and compact powders to make the skin look fairer. This year, sun-kissed skin will be a hot favourite with makeup professionals in the country. Sylvia Chen, beauty professional, says, “Foundations will be replaced by bronzer in the upcoming fashion shows. It lends a dewy soft look to the skin.”

Doll eyes
Ever fancied sporting those Barbie eyes? Well, you can do that this year. Doll eyes are touted to be the next big beauty trend this season. The striking features are the wide and thick, dramatic lashes that not only make your eyes look bigger but also make it look trendy.

Fringe, freshly shaved sides and cropped curls
While plaits and side-swept buns ruled the fashion carpets last season, this season is all about blow-dried hair, cropped curls, fringes and freshly shaved sides. Follow Riri’s footsteps and sport the all bold look this year.

Polished hair

The biggest hair trend of the year 2016 is undoubtedly the polished hair look. Well, its not plain rebonding or hair smoothening, the polishing of the hair makes your mane look unimaginably shiny. So, the next time you go clubbing, you know how to dress up your hair!

Tucked hair
Whether bound by a ribbon or tucked in at the back of your shirt, this year we have a new style that may make it onto the fashion charts. Nikos Narkissos, makeup professional, says, “This is a new style that have made way to the style charts this season. It’s a cool, fuss-free look and can be sported any time during the day. You can wear this style to work or even at a party.”

Oxblood French manicure
Oxblood is certainly the colour of the season and so far we’ve only seen it at the New York Fashion Week last year. However, while the hue was a popular trend in lipsticks, this year it has gone a step further and made it as a popular manicure trend. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and paint your nails!

50 shades of silver
If there’s one colour that you need to swear by this season, it got to be silver. Well, we are not saying that grey is the new black — but this colour is sure among the top favourites. Forget about silver on your eyes or on your cheeks, fashion experts are taking this trend further and are introducing it as an interesting shade of hair colour.