SecureNow joins international network of insurance brokers

Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) -focused broking entity SecureNow today said it has become a member of unisonBrokers, a leading global network for international insurance management.

The network is specifically meant for brokers focused on SMEs and this membership will help SecureNow strengthen its global reach in this segment, SecureNow said in a release here.
SecureNow Co-Founder Kapil Mehta said, “Selection into the international Unison broker network is extremely prestigious and a sign of the stature that we have in the industry.

“The network provides us access to an international network to meet the overseas insurance requirements of Indian SMEs. Many of our clients are expanding aggressively into global markets, particularly Europe and the US.”

SecureNow is an SME and technology-focused insurance broking venture in India, which provides customised general insurance solutions to SMEs and deploys technology that significantly streamlines insurance delivery and servicing.