should my son go to movie faculty or try for jobs along with his college experience?

Film and media students

two times a week we put up troubles with a view to function in a imminent dear Jeremy recommendation column in the Saturday father or mother in order that readers can offer their personal recommendation and suggestions. We then print the first-class of your feedback along Jeremy’s personal insights. here is the state-of-the-art quandary – what are your mind?

My son graduated in English from Cambridge a year in the past. at the same time as there, he and others made about three brief movies. He now says he desperately desires to get into the movie global. He almost were given one job in London however turned into pipped on the put up by a person with higher film qualifications.

ought to he retain to apply for jobs as they come up (few replies to his CV) or must he visit film college (luxurious and lasting two years) to get a qualification and, presumably, some contacts?

i wonder whether the restricted revel in as a student of this, or any other, area is enough to make the sort of profession preference? have to he hedge his bets a bit and try this subject along different matters? Or is dedication to 1 area the important thing when leaving college?

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