Taco Mahal: A New York-Based Eatery That Dishes Out Indo-Mexican Food with Flair

Taco Mahal: A New York-Based Eatery That Dishes Out Indo-Mexican Food with Flair

New York is a city of dreams; always abuzz with migrants from all over the world. If one has to witness a unique and mind-boggling potpourri of different cultures and ethnicity, it has to be the NYC! Living up to New York’s true spirit is a small yet hip eating joint that has a whiff of Indian spices and authentic Mexican food at its core – Taco Mahal. The restaurant is a brainchild of Danikkah Josan who was born to an Indian father and a Latin mother, hence the unquestionable drive in her blood to bring together the two culinary cultures and serve something beyond exciting. Danikkah’s father has been into restaurant business for over three decades in NYC. Taco Mahal was born when Danikkah decided to let lose her reigns of creative experimentation and refurbish her father’s old magazine shop into a quirky place selling Indo-Mexican fusion food.

The name of the restaurant, obviously, alludes to one of the most loved Mexican comfort food – tacos – and India’s emblem of love and peace, the Taj Mahal.

“As you know, the Taj Mahal was built as a representation of ‘eternal love’. We created Taco Mahal to represent everyone’s love of tacos. At Taco Mahal we blend the best of both worlds, wrap all that up in a pillowy soft Naan bread or Roti, freshly baked with each order,” notes the official website.

The menu here looks short yet bristled with excitement. You are given a choice of breads – naan or roti; you can then go on and choose your favourite stuffing ranging from Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Kebab, Chicken Curry, Lamb Curry and Veggie of the Day. Also try what is lovingly call dal-chawal, papad with chutney and gulam jamun as the quintessential and best way to conclude a hearty Indian meal. There is masala chai as well for those who simply can’t miss their dose of caffeine.

Taco Mahal is worth a culinary adventure. It looks like a happy place that is committed to delivering nothing short of mouthwatering food. Josans’ humble eatery is centrally located in the heart of the historic West Village, New York City. If you plan to be in NYC anytime soon, do visit this gastronomic hub and share with us your experiences.