The most addictive drugs and what to do when they take a hold of you

Helping Someone with a Drug Addiction -

There are many drugs in the world that can be good for you but at the same time they can pose a risk of taking control of your entire life. There are good drugs that the doctor prescribes to their patients which can help them live a fruitful life, which can aid them in doing their everyday tasks more easily and give them a productive day. Then there are drugs that make a person feel good and lose control of their lives, these drugs are that are not usually found in pharmacies but in illegal places as their impact on the body can be severe. These drugs are heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, crack, nicotine, hallucinogens, alcohol, marijuana etc. all of these drugs can be quite harmful to the body. But, do not worry, whoever is addicted to these drugs can easily be treated through the various treatment programs at a drug rehab center, so if you want to check out the various treatments then browse this site for more information.

The most common drugs people get addicted to are the following:


Cocaine can bring with itself a wide range of issues. The whole process of cocaine is very interesting as when it is inhaled or put inside the system, it grabs the existing dopamine and plays with it, moves it around the brain and this makes the person become extremely excited and the blood pressure of the person can rise exponentially increasing the chances of heart attacks or strokes for that period of time when the person has cocaine inside their system. People get addicted to this euphoric feeling and want to take more and more of cocaine.


Heroin is an opioid that is very addictive. Heroin can make a person have seizures, hallucinations, and extreme psychosis where they can lose sense of self and become another person entirely in most cases. Heroin also has a chance of increasing the chances of getting HIV as well as hepatitis. Heroin plays with the receptors of the brain and creates dopamine, what it does is that it stops the body from producing any natural dopamine for a long period of time so that the brain can ask for more heroin to get the dopamine. This can have massive withdrawal symptoms that need professional medical help at a rehab center.


These are LSD and PCP. When a person takes LSD and PCP, it can make them hallucinate and see things that do not really exist. They can feel like they are in a different dimension while in reality, their mind and body become disconnected through the nervous system which makes the brain wander off without the body and hallucinate to be in control. In a state of psychosis, the person who is on LSD and PCP can harm themselves or talk to imaginary beings that can command them to do acts that can hurt them or the people around them. It is truly a very dangerous substance to consume.


This is the most common illegal drug that teenagers, and adults have gotten their hands on, it can be very dangerous and can make a person incredibly addictive to it even in one sitting. Therefore, one should stay away from peer pressure as it is the main reason why someone does marijuana.


Alcohol can be found anywhere, very easily accessible. Many people who are going through a hard time in their lives tend to take alcohol more than they should because of losing their job, a loved one, or something important. Alcohol numbs the senses, therefore people drink it more and more to forget the pain but all it does in the end is increase the chances of kidney disease and failure.