The top 20 companies to work for in UAE revealed

Everyone wants to work for a company who is passionate about people and ensures employees are treated with respect, enjoy work-life balance and recognised for their efforts.

To provide a snapshot of which organisations exemplify these qualities, a consultancy firm conducts a search for companies with excellent workplace cultures in the UAE every year.

Great Place to Work has just revealed the 2016 winners in the Top Companies to Work For in the UAE. The companies were recognized during the awarding ceremony in Dubai Tuesday night.

Topping this year’s ranking is DHL, which had also won in the last two surveys. The company is recognised for its efforts to nurture employee development, create a fun work environment, promote transparency and act on employee feedback.

DHL is one of those companies where managers really spend time with personnel delivering courier or taking service calls.

”DHL puts its workplace initiatives on top of its strategic plans and ensures that management spends time with frontline employees,” the consultancy firm said. ”This includes attending courier rides and customer service calls – to ensure employees understand how integral they are to the success of the organization and its customers”

Following DHL closely behind is The One, who moved two spots from 2015, while Omnicom Media Group retained its third position.

In the fourth place is Splash, appearing on the list for the first time, while The Estee Lauder Companies came in the fifth position, climbing one spot from last year.

Ranking from the sixth to the tenth place on the list are EMC, Weber Shandwick, Hilti Emirates, Hilton and FedEx respectively.

Rounding out the final 10 positions on the list are WSP | Parsons Brinkerhoff, Hyatt, AstraZeneca Gulf, Al Ghandi Auto Group, Leminar, Dulsco, Eros Group, Apparel Group, 3M and UAE Exchange.

To rank the companies, Great Place to Work reviewed the ”level of credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie” within each organization.

A score was assigned to each company and a big part of it, about two-thirds, was based on employee confidential feedback, while the remaining score was based on a separate audit of management and human resource practices.

”We are pleased to see a number of new participants from different industries achieve a ranking. This is the first time that Great Place to Work in the UAE has recognized an automotive company,” said Maha Zaatari, managing director of Great Place to Work in the UAE.

”A special mention goes to previous list makers who have maintained or advanced their positions on this year’s list. To do so in the face of such intense competition is testament to their high trust workplace cultures and the value they place on continuous improvement.”

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