Victoria Point property engulfed in flames prior to auction

A property with waterfront views at Victoria Point was engulfed in flames just hours before going to auction on Saturday.

LJ Hooker Birkdale agent Debbie Ward said she called the owner, who was out shopping, to inform him the two-bedroom cottage at 4 Colburn Ave was “gutted”.

“I got a phone call about 10.40am and called the owner straight away,” Ms Ward said.

“The house was to go to auction at 1pm but we had to cancel it.

“I said to him over the phone, ‘Where are you? You better get home, the house is on fire’.

“He had only called me that morning to say how beautiful the house looked.

“It’s just awful, he’s lost everything.”

The house at Victoria Point before it was destroyed by fire.

The house at Victoria Point before it was destroyed by fire.Source:Supplied

The owner, who asked for his name to be withheld, said he was in shock following the fire.

“I thought it was a hoax when I got the call,” he said.

“I can’t go into the home because it’s Asbestos, so I don’t know what we can salvage, if anything. I’m at the shops now buying clothes.”

He said he could not believe the house caught on fire the day it was to sell.

“We were confident it was going to sell today too,” he said

“I think it went up around 10am. I can’t believe how fast it went up, everyone I speak to said they didn’t see smoke or anything.”

Police said there was extensive damage to the house and are currently investigating the incident.


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