Ways on How You Can Use Medical-grade CBN

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Medical grade cannabinol (CBN) is the product of a cannabis or marijuana plant that possesses cannabinol properties. Medical grade CBN is obtained by separating and removing pure fats and oils from the plant, which leaves behind a cannabinoid chemical extract of at least 65 percent cannabidiol (CBD), which you can use in different ways. Here are three ways of how you can use medical-grade CBN.


You can use medical-grade CBN sub-lingually. It is one of the best-known delivery systems for cannabinoid products because it allows us to enjoy its benefits and experience very little or almost no side effects. This method works by allowing the drug to go under the tongue and disintegrate with saliva, thereby entering the bloodstream immediately, resulting in a quick onset of action within 5 minutes. Of course, this means that our body absorbs 100 percent of CBD’s active ingredients without leaving behind any trace. Medical grade CBN used sub-lingually is perfect for those who need fast and effective relief from pain, nausea, and other conditions.


Topically, applying medical grade CBN can be a great way to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis, rosacea, dermatitis, and even eczema without getting psychoactive effects like when used in edible form or smoked, for example. That is because when CBN is applied to the skin, it does not enter into the bloodstream but rather stays within the affected area, where it treats the condition by reducing inflammations and redness and even stimulating new cellular growth. Therefore, the topical application of this medicinal oil can provide wonderful results when your skin’s protective barrier has been damaged because it gives many nutrients that healthy skin needs to repair itself.


Medical grade CBD oils are very effective for inhalation because they are safe, natural, concentrated, and clean to use compared to other consumption methods. It is best used in vape pens and vaporizers that heat oil without burning it to get all its benefits, but out of propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin carrier for convenience and portability purposes. Some people complain about CBN’s taste, and this method prevents us from having an unpleasant experience with it because there is no strong plant matter flavor when vaping the oil. Using medical-grade CBN for inhalation provides a long-lasting release of cannabinoids into our system, making this method quite popular among those who need long-lasting relief and like to avoid the psychoactive effects of CBD consumption.