When Do You Need to Refer to An Oncologist?

When Are Patients Referred to an Oncologist? - Lindenberg Cancer &  Hematology Center Marlton, NJ 08053

Being confronted with the possibility of cancer is always going to be terrifying. It can happen to anyone at any age, and the road to recovery is rife with challenges and obstacles.

Anyone living with cancer, or with someone who has cancer, would want to find the best possible medical assistance to get the best possible results out of the treatment. That is why finding the right oncologist Newport Beach-based is crucial.

There are certain steps to the diagnosis of the disease first, however, before you can be referred to an oncologist.

General Examination

Many cases of cancer are found out through a routine medical check. It can be that a lump was found during a breast exam, or bloodwork returned from the lab pointing to possible prostate cancer. CT scans and MRI procedures are also used to detect and verify the presence of cancer cells.

Biopsy is also another way to determine if an irregular mass found in the body is malignant or benign.

Oncologist Referral

Once the results for these cancer exams are in, they will be referred to an oncologist for further evaluation and confirmation. Once an oncologist confirms the cancer, they will then take over the case from the physician, given that this is their specific area of expertise.

The oncologist will then come up with a treatment plan, as well as present options for the patient to take. Each one should be thoroughly explained, with both pros and cons, as well as realistic success rates presented. This is crucial to ensure that the patient makes a well-informed medical decision.