Why a Clean, Comfortable Living Environment is Vital to Recovery

Making it successfully through treatment is a great start, but learning to live a sober life before heading on down the road is an essential step to real recovery. Staying in a halfway house that is both clean and offers all of the comforts of a permanent home will make it easier to reach your goal of full independence.

Why Cleanliness Counts

Your body has often been depleted of valuable nourishment before treatment began. Your immune system has taken some hits. You need, more than ever, to be in an environment that is kept clean and orderly. You’ll have less chance of catching colds and other communicable illnesses that can affect your quality of life.

Amenities Are Important

Having internet access to talk with family and friends, television, cooking appliances, and the ability to wash and dry clothes are essential to feeling like you’re in a comfortable home environment. A halfway house for recovery serves as a bridge between treatment and home.

Getting Back to a Normal Life

Life at home will involve normal activities like eating meals, sleeping, and getting up for work. It’s difficult to mimic that in the more clinical treatment setting. A halfway house gives you every opportunity to get back into a routine that works.

Learning to Live Life Sober

Gettng treatment after years of addiction could mean the first time you’ve faced life sober in years. It can be a shock to discover how much you’ve missed out on and learning to live life without your substance of choice can seem strange. It’s better to do this with the help of house managers and supportive co-habitators.

Developing Strong Independent Living Skills

The goal of a safe and clean sober living house is to help you develop strong skills needed to begin living an independent life free of addictive substances. Tackling life with a sober-mindset in a safe starter environment increases your chances of staying in recovery.

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