5 Alia Bhatt hairstyles you need in your life

5 Alia Bhatt hairstyles you need in your life
When it comes to the hair game, Alia Bhatt knows how to nail it. The actress sports pretty gorgeous hairstyles that alone make fashion statements. They are chic, quirky, and can add a twist to any basic outfit. Plus, most of them are quite easy to pull off, and can be tried at home. Here are the five Alia Bhatt hairdos we are crushing over…

1. This one is pretty simple yet super chic. It will make anyone look funky and won’t require you to spend hours in the salon. P.S.: Alia looks adorable!

2. This is probably the cutest hairstyle sported by her. It looks simple and elegant in the front, and has a heart-shaped braid in the back.

3. She looks like a cute school girl in this one.

4. A high ponytail with an o-shaped braid in the back. This hairdo is unique, and Alia could not resist herself from sharing its close-up on social media.

5. Guess, Alia has a thing for alphabets. This s-shaped braid is another cool hairstyle, and even cooler way to kick “s”tart promotions of her movie.