5 Ways To Tell If You Need A Career Change

5 Ways To Tell If You Need A Career ChangeNEW DELHI:  Every year scores of people change their career. No they don’t just switch companies, but completely change their line of profession and often find their new careers more fulfilling and are more successful in their new job than the one they previously had. But how do people know they need a career change? Do they have an epiphany and they decide to change their career overnight? How does someone decide to change their career? What are the factors which should be weighed in before going for a career change? Kathy Caprino, a women’s career and personal success coach, gave five pointers to determine if you need a career change in an article she wrote for Forbes way back in 2013.

Here are 5 ways to tell if you need a career change.

1.    Your Job responsibilities do not reflect your skills and personality
If you feel a continuous struggle inside your head toward the job you are doing then you need a job change. It often happens that you may be good at what you are doing, but you wouldn’t care less about what you are doing. If you can relate to that feeling, then you should head for a career change.

2.    You are always exhausted
It so happens that when we are doing something which we don’t really want to or which is not enjoyable to us we end up feeling tired and exhausted at all times. If you don’t like what you are doing, you won’t be happy and being happy at work is essential to have a sound body and mind as we spend most of our waking hours at work. So if you find yourself unable to do anything after office hours, you seriously need to consider taking up a job which is fulfilling rather than the one which is exhausting.

3.    You feel your skills are better suited for some other profession
It’s the tell-tale sign. If you feel what you are doing does not do justice to your skills and potential then it’s time to look for a new profession. Sometimes we know that we are more suited for some other profession but continue what we are doing because we are scared to leave what we are comfortable with. If you feel too comfortable at what you are doing, you should consider your career choice again.

4.    Your salary does not compensate for the boredom you feel at your job
Most people do not quit their job only because of the salary component. Sometimes people find it hard to walk away from their jobs because of all the money they make at it. But at some point, you will start thinking of your salary really justify the stagnation you feel at your job. Do you feel you are going nowhere in your career and are stuck with just a good salary then it’s time you considered a job change.

5.    Right choices don’t feel so right after all
Even though you made all the ‘correct’ decisions, you feel horribly wrong about it. If what you are doing is just an outcome of what you were ‘expected’ to do then it’s time you stopped and thought about career change.