6 Thoughts Every Traveller Has While On A Trip


If you work in order to save some money and manage to squeeze some time out from this mundane life of juggling between office and home, join the club! As a travel enthusiast you would probably agree with the patent thoughts any traveller has while on a trip. Read on to find out what they are!

1. Unexplored Places are the New Home
You probably feel the jitters when your trip is about to end and your anxiety shoots to new levels as the days to head back home come closer. You’re already beginning to plan your next trip and count your days to that once you reach back home.

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2. We all want 48 Hours a Day
You have no idea how the days pass when you are travelling as you are so caught up in exploring the new place that your watch always seems to run a tad bit too fast. The time leading up to the vacation seemed a drag, and the actual vacation itself got over way too quickly.
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3. Even the Small Explorations Count as Adventures
This might not be altogether wrong since you love travel so much! Travelling to a country that you have no knowledge about and safely returning to your den is an achievement, especially if there is a language barrier too. All the streets, the food, the people, the usual tourist sticky situations riddle our vacation – but to come back home without any negative memories is definitely an achievement.
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4. Protecting your Passport more than your Life
No matter how much you travel, the thought of losing your passport is like losing an organ. It is the one document that you would keep closer than even your parent’s picture. Your passport is the means by which you get to see all these wonderful places! You wouldn’t want to lose it in a theme park, or at a tapas bar, or displace it in your B&B!
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6. Restored Faith in Humanity
Especially when you travelling alone, a kind gesture, a passing smile from a stranger, a hand to help you lift your suitcase are small incidents that restore your faith in humanity and help you reconnect with the same people you probably tried escaping from in the first place.
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5. Memories turning into Memoirs
Every nook and corner is a memory waiting to happen! The moment we embark upon a trip, we feel the need to document it. With the exodus of stories, adventures and daunting tasks that you witness on your trips, you often think of penning them all down and making some money from all your travels. One can’t blame you though, so many bestselling authors have gotten their inspiration from being super well-travelled!
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