Always aim to have a healthy lifestyle

Health is Wealth’ is an old maxim that’s relevant even today. It’s a fact that one who is healthy can work with profi ciency leading. That’s why we always wish happiness and health for our loved ones, because today nobody wants to be sick and physically distressed to spend their hard earned money on doctors and medicines. Nevertheless, today many people are becoming dependent on various modern treatments and cures for better health.

But, we tend to forget that cure involves care, to be more precise, self-care. Our health is in our own hands, hence noone else can achieve that but us. Nature has provided us with everything that’s essential for our health. Remember, a healthy and positive lifestyle would bear us the fruit of well being that we would cherish all our life. Whereas an unhealthy and self damaging lifestyle would bring disease we dread. Today pills and capsules have become a part of our regular intake.

It’s unbelievable, but true, because we always prefer medi-care in comaprision to self-care. Time constraints prevents us from thinking about the causes and cure of our disease. We are used to eating junk foods, overeating, lack of exercise and proper rest, smoking, drinking etc., that we hardly realise the hazardous effects of these habits on our health. It is only when we hit the hospital bed, the realisation starts. Why go so far to realise? Instead why not choose a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle means applying some simple changes to our life using our instincts and past experiences to fulfi ll our health needs, thereby making them a part of our daily life. To prevent ourselves from diseases and remain fi t, we must live in harmony with nature following her eternal rules for a healthy and lengthy life. Of course, there are knowledgeable, well-trained people specialised in many different philosophies and disciplines of medicine and health care to assist us in our self-care quest. But ultimately it is we who have to be in control of our own health and no one else. So onus is on us to improve the quality of our health which in turn would improve the well being of our lives.

[Source:-The New Indian Express]