Sugar baby reveals perks of glam lifestyle, rich men and financial freedom – despite having a boyfriend

WITH a glamorous lifestyle of backstage passes and VIP entry to the most exclusive clubs, Emily Bulea has no regrets about her decision to become a sugar baby

A sugar baby who makes money from dating rich men says she has no regrets about her unusual source of income – despite also having a doting boyfriend.

University student Emily Bulea, said she would struggle to pay for her expensive beauty treatments, new clothes and meals with partner Jack if it wasn’t for her generous sugar daddies.

Although sex and even kissing is strictly off limits, the 20-year-old racks up cash by going on weekly dinner and drinks dates with her matches.

Emily said: “The sugar daddies help you out financially so it means being able to go to school and not worry about when I want to eat, where I want to shop.

“If I want to go on a vacation, I can do whatever I want because that financial stability helps me.”

The student from Goleta, California, has splashed out on $300 dresses, a $500 Swarovski diamond bra and even a drone.

 Emily Bulea has no regrets about being a a sugar baby – even though she also has a boyfriend.She signed up to on a whim, but was soon inundated with offers and messages.

When she first started sugaring, Emily had only been dating Jack for a short while, so decided to keep her life as a sugar baby a secret.

But as their relationship progressed and Emily’s sugar baby commitments became regular, she decided to come clean to her boyfriend.

Emily joked: “It was getting difficult to explain why I was never free to go out on a Friday.”

She continued: “He was really shocked when I first told him. We had just gone to the gym and I sat him down on the bench and I told him that I had a date that day.

“At first he wanted to come with me to sit in whenever I go on the dates. But he realised that might be a bad idea.”

Jack, also 20, said: “It’s not really something that you go and tell your mom – you know, my girlfriend is going on dinner dates with other people.

“I don’t really think that they’d care though, I’m sure they’d understand. You know, we are all in college, like it’s very expensive, everyone is trying to eat.”