Australia denies disabled Indian man tourist visa. Calls him burden on health services

Disabled Indian man denied Australian tourist visa

Disabled Indian man denied Australian tourist visa

Christmas is one of the holidays during the year where families reunite to enjoy and spend some time together. No matter what faith you come from, Christmas holidays are something everyone looks forward too.

But recently in a case of blatant discrimination against disabled people, an Indian man was denied tourist visa to visit his family during Christmas in Australia because he uses a wheelchair.

In a viral tweet, a Twitter user with the handle @briannasbell narrated the whole awful incident. She explained that the man, Shubhajeet was injured during military services and was planning a visit to Australia for two weeks on a tourist visa.

But it was denied to him on the grounds that he would put too much pressure on the health services in Australia.

She further explained that Shubhajeet, in fact, has a travel insurance, has completed his rehab following the injury in military services that caused his paraplegia, and has no intention to use Australia’s health care system.

This clearly shows that the decision to not provide him with a visa was based on outright discrimination against disabled person.

The tweet was also shared by Shubhajeet’s wife and a member of his family.