Cramer’s lightning round: You may end up regretting selling ‘pure growth’ stocks here

Cramer's lightning round: You may end up regretting selling 'pure growth' stocks here

Shutterstock Inc.: “Look, this is a pure growth stock in a market that suddenly hates pure growth. If you sell a pure growth stock at this particular time, I think you’re going to end up regretting it. I want you to hold on. You can sell it higher.”

Zillow Group Inc.: “I’m not a fan. I don’t like their plan to … flip houses. I think they picked the absolute top to be able to do that. I think they’ve got to reconfigure. I think they have to accept the fact that some of the business is slowing and own it.”

GreenSky Inc.: “Our favorites [in the financial technology space] are PayPal and Mastercard. PayPal’s owned by the trust; Mastercard’s in the bullpen, as is Visa, by the way.”

Cypress Semiconductor Corp.: “Remember, it’s a semiconductor company in a market that is down dramatically. Look, banks, tech, business with China – these are all in a bear market. Cypress yields 3.3 [percent]. When it yields 4 percent, I would actually buy some.”

Electronic Arts Inc.: “I’m not going to recommend EA even though it’s down a lot because we like Take-Two Interactive, which is the only one that has the great refresh of games.”