The Benefits of a Retaining Wall

If you have a steeply sloped backyard, you may want to consider adding a retaining wall. Depending on the features of your property, you may need a single wall or a system of them. The main purpose of a retaining wall is to hold back soil and water, and installing one can give you a number of benefits.

Helps Create a Neat Landscape

A retaining wall can give a landscape a neat and ordered look. They provide you with a terrace on which you can plant flowers, and having a retaining wall near the front of your property can help create a striking entrance. A retaining wall can be built from a number of materials, including concrete, stone, and brick, so you can customize the appearance to complement the exterior of your house.

Helps Prevent Erosion

One of the main jobs of a retaining wall is to hold soil in place, which can stop erosion from occurring during periods of heavy rainfall. Without this kind of support system, water and soil can be pushed downward toward your house, which could result in damage to your foundation. In serious storms, a landslide could even develop.

Gives You More Usable Space

A retaining wall can turn a steep hill into a flat surface. This means you’ll have a more functional yard. Many homeowners use this space as a garden or choose to install other attractive landscaping features.

Adds Value to Your Home

Installing a retaining wall is a great way to make an investment in your property. If you plan to sell your home in the future, buyers will likely appreciate the added protection and usable space a retaining wall provides. The installation process tends to be affordable, so you’ll get back what you put in.

Retaining walls can offer homeowners a range of benefits. The installation process should be handled by a qualified professional who will make sure the job is done correctly, so you end up with a durable finished product. When doing a search for retaining walls Manassas VA, try to find companies that have experience in completing this type of installation project.