Make An Even Bigger Impact On the Dental Community

As a dentist, your number one priority is obviously patient care. This is, after all, why you entered the helping professions in the first place. At the same time, there is much more to your profession than just treating the oral issues that your patients present with. If you want to be the best dentist that you can be, that involves constantly engaging in an educational program that allows you to implement new techniques within your practice. At the same time, you will gain experience in a certain area. As you do, it is your time to make an even bigger impact on the dental community.

Write Down Your Findings

When you have conducted your own research in any given area, it is important that you write down your findings. This is how you can adequately transmit them for others in the profession to benefit from. While you might not have a platform to present your research globally, there is a way to communicate what you have learned to others. By publishing in professional publications such as the Implant Dentistry Journal, you will be able to reach your colleagues where they are. This will allow them to benefit from your knowledge and perhaps use the information to better their own practice. This is a way that you can give back to a dental community that has already given you so much.

Find Out the Requirements

If you are interested in publishing a bit of your own research, it is important to seek out a journal in your field. Once you have done that, research the requirements for submission. Most professional journals operate on a very small staff, so they insist the articles are submitted in a certain format that is ready to be published. Failing that, they will not even look at the research and writing that you took months to put together.

Publishing your research is a way to give back to the dental community. It is your way of making an impact that can transcend your own practice in countless ways.