Disrupting Lincoln’s Real Estate Market With Technology – Tyler Bebout and The Modern Real Estate Team

Lincoln, NE, May 29, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Tyler Bebout has always had an affinity for real estate. Coming from a small town of Nebraska City, Tyler formed a solid work ethic with a dedication to teamwork as he actively participated in sports on both high school and collegiate levels. Tyler and his team now, are on the forefront of the real estate industry. Tyler’s recruitment into Keller Williams was based on him being identified as a man of honesty and integrity, as well as an extremely talented realtor, who knows the real estate process inside and out.  Tyler and his team are very involved in the current market and strive to stay abreast of the latest in technology and marketing in the real estate realm. Tyler built a team of like-minded agents who are transforming the way we think about and sell real estate in Lincoln.

Tyler’s team is known as The Modern Real Estate Team. Why “modern?” The real estate business has been done in an archaic fashion for decades. When Tyler started real estate in Lincoln several years ago, he quickly realized that something needed to change. After a few years of blood, sweat, and tears he was finally able to pinpoint what was missing. The first step was a team. Having a real estate team versus an independent realtor changed the entire dynamic of buying and selling real estate. If you want to get the most for your money, a real estate team is pivotal. Tyler’s team of realtors have the freedom to hone in on what they do best. For example, one realtor will only focus on the paperwork while another team member focuses on showings. Best of all, you always have someone who is available to answer your questions. Instead, however, of one individual trying to “do it all,” you have a whole team of professionals who all have only one thing to focus on and do their best at. Tyler Bebout, being the team lead, focuses on orchestrating the process to meet the client’s needs in the most efficient way possible.

The Modern Real Estate Team has perfected the buying and selling process from start to finish. They have focused on several ingenious steps that help buyers find a home that not only fits their needs exactly, but in many cases are able to acquire that home before it even goes on the market. They also focus heavily on helping sellers be successful faster while keeping more of the profits in their client’s pockets. The modern approach that Tyler Bebout and his team uses to buy and sell real estate in Lincoln, Nebraska saves their clients thousands of dollars. Tyler and his team will meet the buyer or seller wherever they are at in the process and make it easy from there. They utilize modern technology such as 3D tour option for homes, options to hold a virtual open house for remote buyers, e-signatures, virtual staging solutions for empty spaces, cloud-based technologies for documents and images, and even programs that can breakdown a comparative marketing analysis to help the process move along swiftly and smoothly.

Tyler’s team has also developed strong working relationships with professionals in the real estate industry such as trustworthy movers, inspectors and lenders in Lincoln Nebraska – particularly those from Security First Bank.  Security First Bank, a community bank headquartered in Lincoln, NE, has branches throughout Nebraska and southwest South Dakota and offers a wide variety of mortgage loan options such as Conventional Mortgages, VA Loans, FHA Mortgages and USDA Loans. The home loan experts at Security First Bank focus on developing lasting relationships with their customers to ensure their client are well informed throughout the home-buying process and receiving the best rate and product available to them. Having trustworthy businesses to reach out to is a big part of how Tyler and his team can help their clients save time and money. Whatever might be needed for your project is accounted for with The Modern Real Estate Team.

The Modern Real Estate Team works hard to be at the forefront of all things real estate in Lincoln, Nebraska such as the industry’s leading technology. Soon the team will be spreading their reach from Lincoln, Nebraska to Omaha and to every town east and south! For more information, pencil yourself in for a quick consultation on Tyler’s calendar or call 402 617-7808.  One meeting and it will be easy to see what puts Tyler and The Modern Real Estate Team miles in front of the competition!