Education secretary Betsy DeVos wants to ‘advance God’s kingdom’ through US school system

Donald Trump’s new education secretary told an interviewer she wanted to “help advance God’s kingdom” through the school system.

Betsy DeVos was speaking at The Gathering, an annual evangelical event, in 2001 when she was asked whether she was in favour of “destroying” public schools and sending all children into private education.

In an audio recording of the event, she said: “No. We are for good education, and for having every child have an opportunity for a good education. We both believe that competition and choices make everyone better.”

She added she had “…to continue to think about where we can be the most effective, or make the most impact, in the culture in which we live today. Our desire is to … confront the culture in which we all live today in ways which will continue to help advance God’s kingdom.”

Her husband, Dick DeVos, said he wanted “all parents to be able to educate their children in a school that reflects their worldview, and not each day sending their child to a school that may be reflecting a worldview quite antithetical, which unfortunately is the case in some places, to the worldview that they hold in their family”.

Ms DeVos said: “This is not something that we sat back 10 years ago and calculated that this was something we needed to do. It really is something that’s grabbed us by the heart over the years.