Ever wanted to prepare rice that tastes so much like party jollof? Here’s how

Ever noticed something unique about Nigeria party jollof? Yes, the difference is in the taste.

Nigerian party jollof is no doubt sweeter, richer and more delicious than homemade jollof and although,most people are of the opinion that the unique taste of party jollof comes from the firewood, especially because it allows the rice burn a little but of course, you want to cut out some logs and get your kitchen all covered in ashes and the remains of the wood just because you want to have a taste of party jollof.

Nigerian party jollof rice, plantain and moimoi (Pinterest)

Cooking party jollof rice at home is pretty much easy to prepare, much like preparing the normal homemade rice. You only need to know the techniques behind it. So, here’s how you can get yourself to eat this party jollof everytime you want to, without having to wait for any special occasion or party.


First off, you need to get fresh tomatoes for this recipe, butter and bay leaves. These 3 ingredients will make the difference, plus your cooking method.

1. Rice

2. Red Bell Peppers (Tatashe)

3. 2 Tomatoes (you don’t want to use so many tomatoes)

4. Scotch Bonnet (Ata Rodo)

5. Tomato Paste

6. Onions

7. Butter

8. Chicken or beef Stock

9. Curry powder and Thyme

10. Vegetable oil

11. Seasoning cubes

12. Salt to Taste

13. Bay Leaves

14. 1 Medium Size Tomato for Garnishing


1. Blend the bell pepper, tomatoes, scotch bonnet and onion together till it’s smooth

2. Heat up some vegetable oil in a large pot and add sliced onion. Leave it to fry.

3. Add the grounded pepper mix, tomato paste, seasoning cubes, curry and thyme, salt to taste and bayleaves. Allow it to fry for about 15 minutes

Fry the onion and pepper blend together (Sisi Jemimah)

4. While the sauce is frying, wash the rice properly to reduce the starch content. You could wash it with warm water, that way you have to bother about parboiling it neither would you have to bother about the starch content.

5. Pour the washed rice into the sauce and then add the butter. Allow it to cook for about 3-5 minutes

Add the washed rice to the sauce, add chicken stock and cook till the rice is soft (Sisi Jemimah)

6. Add the chicken stock. Make sure you don’t pour excess so that the rice doesn’t become soggy. You can pour the stock in bits if you’re not sure about the quantity.

7. Cook it for about 20 minutes or until the rice is soft and well cooked.

Once the rice is cooked, add slices of onion and tomatoes to garnish it and stir (Sisi Jemimah)

8. Slice some onion and tomatoes for garnishing. Stir well

Ulala! Nigerian party jollof rice is ready. Who’s ready to eat?