Fear and loathing in Silicon Valley: How the technology world woke up to Donald Trump

Tinder founder Sean Rad

As Hillary Clinton gave a tired, husky concession speech on Wednesday afternoon, some 20,000 technology enthusiasts were flooding into the MEO arena on the bank of Lisbon’s Rio Tajo.

With heavy eyes and in a collective state of shock and denial, the crowd of entrepreneurs and investors at Web Summit, Europe’s biggest was eager to hear from one of Silicon Valley’s most prominent founders.

Sean Rad, the co-founder and chief executive of dating app Tinder, was on the same page: he had stayed up all night to watch the election before heading to the third day of the Web Summit technology conference and was feeling disappointed with the result.

“The whole Tinder team was glued to the TV last night trying to figure out what was going to happen,” said Rad. “The candidate I wanted to win didn’t win. But what is important is that the American people have chosen the candidate they want and we all have…